Hiking with kids: For the second time by Schwarzsee

This time we went to Schwarzsee in early May, and surprisingly we were greeted by far more friendly weather than last year at the end of May, when we were here for the first time (i wrote about it here). However, after last year’s experience, we were despite the favorable forecasts prepared for the worst :)I do not mind at all if we visit some places twice or even more times. I like to see how the place has changed since our last visit, if it impresses me in another way, I can concentrate on other details, and I am also taking back different experiences.

And what interesting I saw this time by Schwarzsee? At a height of one thousand meters above sea level the spring has just begun, so as well as last month in the Mutzbachgraben, I was fascinated by lots of blooming buttercups and primroses.
Beautiful weather and a national holiday day off attracted many people to walk around the lake, so it was sometimes like on the highway. When we wanted to roast sausages for lunch, we had to wait until the fireplace is vacant for us. So while waiting for this I spend this time by observing the snails hiding under the leaves of wild garlic.
When we came to Häxehuus, I felt more in the house of seven dwarfs than a witch house. It was because of a group of about two families dressed in the same red working overalls.
Throughout our walks around the lake, we could see multicolored parachutes that circled over our heads and finally, we came to the place where the paragliders were landing. It was interesting to see how deftly they maneuver their parachutes to land literally on a dime.
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