• Want to see the best of Switzerland but don’t know where to start?
  • Would you like to go on holiday to Switzerland but don’t have time to spend hours searching Google and reading travel guides?
  • You’ve always gone on holiday with a tour operator but would like to try traveling on your own one day, but don’t quite feel self-confident yet?
  • Do you want to enjoy your holiday in Switzerland but not stress about the preparations?
  • Are family and friends coming to visit you in Switzerland, and you would like to have a trip plan for them?

With my tailor-made itinerary, you can start discovering amazing places just the way you like them.

My goal is to design an itinerary that works best for you. Not only by suggesting an overview of destinations and providing the right information to make your trip run smoothly, but also by creating an itinerary that matches your own interests, hobbies, and personality. Because not everyone is an early bird and has to set off first thing in the morning for a challenging hike in the mountains. Some people like to enjoy a long breakfast in a hotel overlooking the lake and let things flow slowly and stress-free. Someone longs to travel around Switzerland by car, someone likes to be pampered by the excellent Swiss public transport and enjoys a comfortable ride on the panoramic trains. We can plan all this and much more together.

5 reasons to get a tailor-made itinerary from me?

  • I love planning – I’ll plan your vacation for you as if it were my own 🙂
  • I know Switzerland, and I am a certified Switzerland Travel Expert – We have lived in Switzerland since 2014. Since then, I’ve been writing this blog focused on travel in Switzerland and constantly expanding my Swiss horizons. I will put together an itinerary for you based on our own experiences, as we have personally tried most of the places and activities. And if I don’t know a place personally, I know where to ask. I will also be happy to share with you tips on interesting places that remain hidden from the “fast tourists.”
  • I can listen to you – I will tailor the itinerary to your requirements, and your wishes are my priority.
  • I respect your travel style and budget – I will plan your itinerary so that not a moment of your time is wasted. So that you see and experience all that the location has to offer. I’m familiar with local prices, so I can advise you so your holiday doesn’t cost too much.

What is included in a tailor-made itinerary?

● Transport tips – how to get to Switzerland, how best to get around Switzerland (including warnings about longer driving times due to the possibility of traffic jams, serpentines, difficult terrain, etc. to give you an idea of distances and approximate time spent on the road), where to park, how local transport works.

● A clear day-by-day map of the route (including a breakdown of the morning and afternoon program), tips on places of interest and tourist attractions (of course, there is a crisis “wet option” – what to do and see when the weather is not conducive to mountain trips) with brief information about the location.

● Tips for accommodation.

● Approximate budget.

● Přibližný rozpočet. Would you like to go on holiday to Switzerland and don’t know how to plan it? Let me create a tailor-made itinerary according to your wishes!

Price for a tailor-made itinerary

  • Itinerary for 1 – 6 days: 250 CHF
  • Itinerary for 7 – 10 days: 300 CHF
  • Itinerary for 11 days and more: 350 CHF

Questions? Email me! hello@ourswissexperience.com