Travel Consultation (on-line meeting)

200 CHF


Would you like advice on your trip to Switzerland? Not sure what to expect from a holiday in Switzerland? Are you interested in a destination, and would you like to check the information you have seen somewhere? Would you like to make sure that the dream destination you have chosen is the right one for you?

Do you live in Switzerland and don’t know where to start exploring Switzerland? Or do you need to sort your thoughts and ensure you’re heading in the right direction?

I would happily give you a consultation, either by phone or video call (WhatsApp, Google Meet, Skype).

I’ll gladly advise you and answer your questions during a half-hour conversation.

Price includes:

✏️ 60 minutes of my preparation (before and after the consultation).

✏️ 30 – 60 minutes on-line consultation.

✏️ Summary of the most important points of the consultation in an email.


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