Fall crafts for kids: Pinecone figures

I have a full bag of cones at home from last fall. Though my supplies have diminished when I made a Christmas wreath. Pinecones are a wonderful natural material for children to work with because they can beautifully develop fine motor skills while painting them. This time I let them make the fall figures (of elfs if you want) from them.

What you may need

  • pinecones, beechnut cups
  • polystyrene beads/cotton balls with face print (diameter 19mm)
  • hot glue gun & silicone sticks
  • acrylic paints, brushes
  • glitter spray
  • thread/string for hanging
  • thin black marker

Step 1

Paint the pinecones with different colors (preferable the fall shades – yellow, ocher, orange – are ideal.  Or you can spray the pinecone with golden glitters.

Step 2

Using thin black marker draw a face on the ball. Then glue the ball to the bottom of the pinecone.

Step 3

Glue hat (beechnut cup) on the elf head. And that´s it! Easy peasy, right?

Step 4

Cut a string for hanging. Bind the string to the back side of the beechnut cup. Now there’s only to find the best place for hanging.

As you could see, this fall decoration is nothing complicated, children can easily make it (only be careful while working with the glue gun!). If you like this tutorial, I’ll be glad if share it with others! Maybe on Pinterest where you can also save this picture for later:

A perfect fall afternoon on the pumpkin farm
Hiking with kids: Schynige Platte


Hana Hurábová

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