Hiking with kids: From the Oeschinen Lake back to the valley

It’s not so long ago that we were first at Lake Oeschinen, the turquoise gem in the Bernese Alps, and we liked it very much. So it was no wonder that we have wanted to show this beautiful lake to my family that visited us during the local school fall holiday. Compared to the last trip (about which I wrote here) we made one change: we did not take a cable car to get back, but decided to take a hike down to the valley …


photo by -josr-

At the box office when purchasing one-way tickets (18francs for adults, children 6-16yrs 9fr.), nice lady behind the counter – looking at our golf buggy  – asked, if we really want to hike down. At my nod she replied that the whole trail is not suitable for strollers. I assured her that I have a baby carrier in a backpack and three strong guys to take the stroller if necessary 🙂

photo by -josr-

The beginning of our journey was the same as last time: the cable car took us from the valley up to the mountain station, where a part of our team slid on the “Rodelbahn” – mountain coaster.

photo by -josr-


photo by -josr-


From the cable car to the lake

After that we took a pleasant walk along a trail No.2 to the lake. Since we went on our trip midweek , the way didn´t resemble a main highway full of tourists as last time. On coming at the first lookout I was very glad that our visit had been so enthralled from the view of the turquoise lake like we were when we first saw it.  Terrible kitsch, but so beautiful! And then a close look into the crystal clear water!

Back to the valley

After a short refreshment and catching the sunshine by the lake we set off on our journey down to the valley. At that time I’ve had our little girl in the baby carrier, although the start of the trail Nr. 4 was easily passable with a stroller since it was a tarmac road. But then the trail curved into the forest where a typical yellow diamond-shaped pointer was heading. Maybe the walk down to the valley with strollers would be possible if one continued along the tarmac road (which is apparently used to supply two lakeside restaurants and operation of ski lifts). But you would have missed, for example, look at the gurgling mountain stream, small waterfalls, chance to drink ice water, jumping over rocks and roots as a mountain chamois …

Mommy the Sherpa

View of Kandersteg in the valley

Well, I had a little regret for our four-year-old, because he had to strain a lot his short legs, but finally, he had mastered it bravely. Big thanks also belong to my dad, who drove our buggy stroller the whole time selflessly and carried it over the obstacles and pitfalls of the mountain trail.

We managed the whole hike in about 2 hours. The first part – from the cable car station to the lake – we managed (even with a pause taking photos at the lookout) in less than an hour, the second part – from the lake to the car park in an hour and a quarter. We walked 6.13 kilometers and descended 500 meters.

PS: It seems that I am obsessed with my new watch, right? Um … it just does not seem so, I really am 😀

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