Lockdown week #6: What made me happy

This blog post is the last in a series of my so-called Lockdown diary. From Monday, April 27, the gradual easing of crisis measures begins, and I think that everyone will be a little relieved. Even for me, even though the boys will be at home for another two weeks and will not go to school, I believe that we will somehow manage to survive well.

And what made me happy this week?

1. School started again

After two weeks, when it was officially spring break and the boys were not given any homework, the school finally started again and another batch of homework came. Although in my humble opinion there could be a few more. This way, they are done with them during the morning and schluss. I understand that in regular classes they also have subjects such as work or music education and physical education, breaks and so on. But we usually have such a content of the day. However, I am glad that the “regime” has returned to our old ways.

2. Success of the blog post “A Guide to the Czech Housewife in Switzerland”

Sorry to disappoint you a little now, but this article was for Czech readers only. However, if you are interested in using Google Translate, you can find it here.

3. Phone call from CzechIn

CzechIn is a Czech compatriot association in Zurich. Behind its creation are several enthusiastic girls who aim to support the activities and of compatriots and create a place where Czechs and Slovaks can meet and where they can strengthen not only relations with each other but also with the Swiss and other nationalities.

Well, their “boss” Pavlína called me and together we discussed the possibilities of further cooperation and I was pleased that we inspired each other during the phone call and in the near future we will hopefully meet at one event.

4. Growing blog traffic numbers

Understand, if someone has a travel blog and from day to day the tourism basically collapses, it will definitely not help one in increasing the blog traffic. Rather the opposite. For me (and for the other fellow travel bloggers I am in contact with), the numbers dropped rapidly, and if they could go into the red, they would certainly be there. However, in the last few days, I have registered the first swallows of rising numbers, which are certainly partly due to the above-mentioned article “A Guide to the Czech Housewife in Switzerland”, but also the growing interest in local routes and trip destinations here in Switzerland. It is quite a logical step and it is probably behind it that people will want to spend this year’s vacation at home and will look for interesting places in Switzerland to go. So my blog is a great source of information, isn’t it? 😉 This leads me to the idea that I should finally be able to add a map of trips in the German version to the blog (when I already have a map of trips and activities in Czech and English).

5. Homework from my German class for me

I don’t stop educating in German either. Even though I hear German from television every day, speak and write several times a week, it is not a bad thing to keep repeating and reinforcing the basic grammar. This week, our great teacher from the “Mu-Ki Deutsch” course took care of that, who also sends us homework and makes sure that we don’t get lazy 😉

And what was your week like?

Thank you so much for reading my #lockdown diaries and responding with your comments and supporting me. I believe that our lives will return to normal soon and we will be fine.

Your Hanka

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