Belp: Sunday walk along the Aare River

Honestly, I didn’t expect anything from this “hike”. The kids wanted to visit the BounceLab trampoline hall in Belp during the Easter holidays. But I wasn’t in the mood for any jumping. So I sent them off with my husband with the excuse that I had already been there with them and let Daddy have a blast this time. Still, I didn’t want to stay home and thought that while they were jumping, I would at least go for a walk. My goal was clear since the trampoline hall is located near the river Aare. According to the map, I figured a circular walk between the two bridges, Auguetbrügg and Hunzigenbrügg, would be just in time for the family to get busy jumping, and off I went.

Starting point – Jägerheim

The starting point is the Jägerheim Restaurant, a 5-minute walk from the Trampolinhalle. Here you will also find parking. If you want to take public transport, the 160 bus line runs here. After the signpost, cross the bridge and head left in the direction of the flow of the river Aare.

The path between Aare and Giesse

You will follow a path that leads between two rivers. The Giesse River runs parallel to the Aare and is home to various aquatic invertebrates visible to the naked eye. These include the river crayfish, which is endangered in Switzerland. And you’ll also see traces of beaver “work”.


The Auguetbrügg Bridge was built in 1836 and originally stood at Hunziken, where it formed the link between Rubigen and Belp until 1974. The newly built concrete bridge made the covered wooden bridge redundant. But what to do with the historic structure? The bridge was “moved” to a new location and now serves as a link between Muri and Belp.

In summer, good swimmers jump off this bridge into Aare, and thousands of enthusiasts in inflatable boats of all shapes and sizes pass under it on the Thun-Bern route.

Small waterfall

When you cross the bridge, take a right. In about 3-4 minutes, you will reach a small waterfall at Märchligenau. This is accessible anytime, and the amount of water falling depends on the season. The moss-covered rock wall with water ropes gushing out of them reminded me of a recent view of the Teufelsschlucht (Devils Gorge), which also had a waterfall like this.

You will now have about five kilometers upriver. Part of it is along the side of the Aare (Raintalau), which has interesting vegetation. You will find small beaches, barbecue areas, and benches along the river’s main course. The only downside is that you can hear much noise from the nearby highway on this side of the river.


At the aforementioned concrete bridge Hunzikebrügg, you must go up the stairs and cross it to the other side. Here, you get beautiful views of the Berner Oberland peaks, and the rocky beaches near Aare are great for relaxing. You can also refresh yourself in Campagna restaurant.

If you get tired, there is a bus stop on the edge of the bridge so that you can end your journey here. It would be a shame. A peaceful walk along the river is a balm for the soul 🙂


  • The route from start to finish at the Jägerheim restaurant is 9.5 km long.
  • The route is unsuitable for a stroller, mainly because of the roots and the narrow metal footbridge on the shore at Raintalau. However, younger children could easily manage the route on a scooter.
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