5 spring trips for families in Bern area

Spring is the perfect time to discover the beauty of the Bern area. If you’re feeling adventurous or just fancy a quiet day out, I’ve got five great trips for you in this article. From a pleasant walk by the Aare River to an outdoor adventure. Each of these trips offers something unique, and there is something for everyone. Take your children to the Bern area and discover the beauty of nature, the city’s nooks and crannies, and exciting attractions.

Five tips for spring trips:

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1. Tip for a trip to the water: a walk along the Aare River

A leisurely Sunday stroll along the Aare River near Belp offers a wonderful opportunity to relax in the tranquil natural surroundings of the peacefully flowing turquoise Aare River.

2. Tip for a trip to the lookout tower: Chutzenturm

Climb 234 steps and see almost half of Switzerland in good weather? It’s possible if you climb the 45-metre-high Chutzenturm tower near Aarberg. From the top platform of the tower, which was only built in 2010, you can see Lake Biel to the north, the Jura Mountains and the Alps rising to the south.

3. Tip for a trip to see the views: Hasle – Sumiswald

The roughly 8.5-kilometre easy hike leads from Hasle-Rüegsau via Egg to Sumiswald. In addition to the magnificent scenery of the Emmental, you will also enjoy views of the Alps.

4. City trip tip: Foxtrail Granit

Foxtrail is a mix of the familiar scavenger hunt associated with a walk around town and spiced up with elements from escape games. It’s a great way to discover the interesting corners of the capital city of Bern.

5. Tip for a trip to see the animals

A trip to see the animals is always rewarding for more minor children. And what about the animals they can pet, which would be impossible in a regular zoo? One such place where you can pet a llama, camel, donkeys, sheep, or goats – and what’s more! You can even follow them into the enclosure! – is Johns kleine farm in Kallnach near Aarberg.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the area around Bern is full of beauty worth discovering. Whether you take a romantic stroll along the Aare River, climb the Chutzenturm lookout tower for panoramic views, or enjoy a Foxtrail adventure, each trip will surely bring you new (and hopefully unforgettable) experiences. Have a wonderful spring!

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