May snow: the narcissus trail at Mont-Pèlerin

On the “Swiss Riviera”, high above Lake Geneva, around Montreux and Vevey, it is wild narcissus season in May and June. You’ll find a total of 6 narcissus trails here; this time, we took the one at Mont-Pèlerin. It’s a loop trail that measures just under nine kilometers and is not only for lovers of white flowers but also for lovers of beautiful views.

Getting there

Vevey – Mont-Pèlerin Funicular

An eleven-minute funicular ride takes passengers up above Vevey. The funicular runs at ten-minute intervals, a one-way ticket costs CHF 5.80, CHF 2.90 with a Half-Fare card.

By car

The route starts in the village of Chardonne above Vevey. Parking is available directly at the top station of the funicular. Parking is limited to a maximum of 5 hours.

Narcissus – the symbol of the Riviera

Unfortunately, the abundance of the Riviera´s symbolic flower is steadily decreasing. You can also protect the narcissus by following a few simple rules:

  • Don’t pick narcissi in private fields.
  • Don’t pick narcissi with their leaves, and if the ground is muddy (this may damage their bulbs).
  • In public fields, picking narcissi is limited to 1 handful per person.
  • Buy bouquets from farmers, who are usually present on the sides of the footpaths.
  • Don’t walk or lie on the narcissi.

On the website dedicated specifically to the Narcissus Trail, you can find an interactive map that shows you exactly when the narcissus fields are in bloom.

Sentier des Narcisses – Narcissus Trail at Mont-Pèlerin


Start of the narcissus trail

The route starts right at the top station of the Mont-Pèlerin funicular. At the signpost, you will find a wooden signpost with a narcissus to guide you along the route.

The route goes first to the right along Chemin Mont-Pèlerin, past La Maison du Pélerin. Incidentally, this is the former Grand Hôtel, which was converted into a reception center for refugees during the Second World War and is now a home for the elderly. The road then continues up into the forest. Soon, you will come out onto a clearing, where the pastures of wild narcissus begin to show before you.

Behind the farmhouse in the photo above, the trail turned into the woods and then continued between pastures. It should be noted that after rainy days, the paths are very muddy and soggy.

Chalet Butticaz

The most beautiful meadow with narcissi is near the Chalet Butticaz. If there is no private event, you can have a picnic here.

We didn’t step on a single narcissus while taking these photos, I swear!

I really enjoyed the last part of the hike back to Chardonne, as we were treated to views of Lake Geneva and the mountains all the way. You’ll find a picnic table here, too. A picnic with this view is definitely worth it!

The loop route leads slowly back to Chardonne and the funicular to Vevey.


  • The route is less than 9 kilometers long, and its coordinates can be found here.
  • The trail is not suitable for strollers.
  • I don’t recommend the route if it has rained a lot before.
  • On the trail, you can make a slight detour to a transmission tower with a viewing platform.
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