Esterliturm Lenzburg: an extraordinary lookout tower made of concrete tubes

From the historic town of Lenzburg, the route leads to the Esterliturm tower, which is interesting for its unusual shape. It is made up of 19 concrete tubes that rise to a height of 48 metres. From this breathtaking height, you can enjoy views not only of the Lenzburg area, but also of the Jura Mountains, the Hallwilersee Lake and even the Alps. The route to the Esterliturm tower is quite easy and there are plenty of other interesting places to see.

How to get to Lenzburg

Lenzburg is located in the canton of Aargau, about 25 km west of Zurich, close to the A1 motorway. Thanks to numerous train connections, Lenzburg is easily accessible by public transport. If you go by car, I recommend parking at the local swimming pool – Parkplatz Schwimmbad, Seonerstrasse 5600, 5600 Lenzburg. Then just cross the bridge over the stream and join the hiking trail (and your kids will thank you, because you’ll shorten the route a bit 😉 ).

Hiking trail to Esterliturm lookout tower

From the starting point at the train station, you will take a pleasant walk on flat terrain past the Aabach stream and sports facilities. Along the way, there are information boards about the buildings of former important factories and businesses in Lenzburg. Did you know, for example, that weapons were manufactured here?

You will find a pleasant place to barbecue by the local football pitches.

On the edge of the forest you will find an information board with a map. You can see for yourself that there are many routes through the forest, and I have marked the ones I took. First turn left and follow the edge of the forest in the direction of the FĂŒnfweiherweg.


FĂŒnfweiher are small ponds, which were built in the 16th century. They were mainly used as a water reservoir to fight fires. The FĂŒnfweiher is a popular destination for walks with dogs or small children, and the resting places here invite you to sit and barbecue.

I went past the FĂŒnfweiher from the right (but you could also go from the left) and joined the BrĂŒnneliweg. Here the climb through the forest begins.

After a somewhat steeper climb, you are treated to a pleasant refreshment.

Esterliturm Lookout Tower

After another climb you will reach the lookout tower. As I wrote in the introduction, it is very unusual in its shape. A spiral staircase with 253 steps awaits you in a concrete tube.

Once you climb them, you’ll be treated to an impressive panoramic view from the 45-metre-high observation deck. In clear weather you can see the Lenzburg area, the Jura Mountains, Lake Hallwilersee and even the Alps. Information boards help you to find your way around.

At the base of the lookout tower you will find another place to barbecue in the pleasant shade of the forest. Afterwards, you can connect to the Esterliweg and return to Lenzburg in a convenient way.


  • The entire route is 9.4 km long and is not suitable for a stroller.
  • The coordinates of the route can be found in the Tourenplaner SCHWEIZ app or in the printed hiking guide “Die 44 schönsten Familien Wanderungen“. Did you know that I wrote this book? Yes, I really did! I really took the time to put it together and chose for you the most beautiful family-friendly routes in the whole of Switzerland. So check it out!

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