Lucerne at second glance

When I visited Lucerne just under four years ago for the first time, I didn´t think I would ever visit it again. And, of course, I didn’t have any slightest idea that I´d be living in Switzerland in the future.

However, during my first visit to my city, especially to its most popular tourist center, I had a feeling that it´s full of life here. View of the crowded cafés on the river Reuss was very convincing and was confirming my impressions.

But I have to admit that this time I haven´t been so excited about Lucerne yet. After visits to the calm Swiss towns, the tourism and traffic have quite surprised me. For a moment I even felt like on the waterfront in the center of Prague near the Charles Bridge. I even began to warily watch my purse.

Covered bridges

Like the Charles Bridge in Prague, there are two bridges in Lucerne that are tourist highlights:  Spreuerbrücke and Kapellbrücke. Both were part of the fortifications of the city. The octagonal Water Tower (formerly the lighthouse, a prison, and today the Treasury rally) is characteristic for larger and more famous Kapellbrücke. Both bridges are wooden, covered and both have interesting triangular plates with paintings depicting scenes from the history of the city and the Swiss mythology under the ceiling beams. Unfortunately, a lot of them were destroyed by a devastating fire on Kapellbrücke in 1993, so some plates are originals from the 17th century, some copies and some unfortunately haven´t survived (traces of the fire are still visible).


The calmest place of our tour was the fortification from the fourteenth century with several well-preserved watchtowers. Walking along the ramparts we got into the clock tower Zytturm (the oldest clock in Lucerne), which has an honorable privilege to ring one minute before the other clock. From the battlements one has a beautiful view of the Alps and Lake Lucerne that is crisscrossed by excursion steamers.

Old town

When we came down from the ramparts, we got into the old town on the north bank of the river. So we could enjoy the view of interesting medieval houses (of course :)) with brightly colored facades, fountains, and shops of famous brands.


I wonder if I visit Lucerne in the future and what impression will it have on the third attempt.

And what about you? Have you ever been to Lucerne? Tell me in the comments! And don´t forget to subscribe for my newsletter on the right-hand side of the page. Thank you 🙂

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