Hiking with kids: Schwarzsee

I must admit that when planning this trip I have grossly underestimated the preparation. This happens when you are so into looking for information if that site was attractive for children (about Häxewääg below), but forget to see to what altitude you are actually heading. Thus, I somehow missed the information that Schwarzsee was located at an altitude of a little over 1000 meters! So even though the pictures may seem that the weather was pleasant for making a two-hour walk around the lake, do not be fooled. A cold wind blew a lot and we had to put on all the clothes that we had with us.

Häxewääg – The Witch Trail

As I mentioned above, for small hikers there is Häxewääg, a witch trail. Along the trail around the lake, kids meet several fairy inhabitants of the place (Dragon, Monk, Nightrider, dwarf Mügge etc.), and then they come to the cottage of the witch herself.


Just a few tens of meter behind the witches house, you can see a beautiful waterfall.

Overall impressions

The whole place is really nice for families with children, but also for the disabled people because you can easily walk around the lake with a stroller, respectively. in a wheelchair (except half a kilometer detour to the witches house and the waterfall).

On the trail, there are also several picnic places (mostly with prepared wood), where you can roast sausages or just rest and relax.

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