Blogger´s challenge – what you probably didn´t know about me

Because not all post have to be just about our travel experience and it’s time to come out into the open from time to time 🙂 I can´t honestly say that I like challenges of any kind but when a few days ago on my favorite blog (btw. I´ll write about my favorite blogs soon) discovered Blogger´s challenge, I just couldn´t resist.

1. How did I start writing a blog?

 I started writing this blog five years ago. At the beginning just for myself as a kind of personal diary, putting my thoughts on paper (in virtual space actually :)) and sharing interesting pictures. After our move to Switzerland, I started to write about places we have been to and document our travel adventures (more here).

2. Why do I write?

Because I enjoy it 🙂 As far as I can remember, I’ve always documented my experiences in some form of the diary (if I tried too much, I would find my old diaries somewhere at my parent´s house :)) and the blog is a new form of documentation for me and a family journal for keeping memories.

3. Who is my favorite author?

In my childhood, it was Amálie Kutinová and her series of books “Gabra and Málinka”. Then also Jaroslav Foglar. In puberty, it was Lenka Lanczová and Henryk Sienkiewicz (a bit of antithesis, right?)). Later, Lindsay Davis and her series set in ancient Rome. The main character, private detective Marcus Didius Falco is my sweetheart 🙂 Then I also like the books of Jeffrey Archer and Dick Francis (crime novels from the world of horse racings are a great retreat). Now I like a series of crime novels from Robert Galbraith (this is pseudonym of J.K. Rowling).

4. Which is my favorite book?

Probably books by all of the above-mentioned authors. But if I wanted to improve my mood and laugh from the heart, I would reach for the book The Last Aristocrat by Evžen Boček.

5. What am I writing about?

Especially about our Swiss experience. Whether traveling to places of interest or learning how to live in a different culture.

6. How long does it take to write one post?

It depends. If I only had time for myself (which is quite difficult with three children) and I would resist procrastination on social networks (which is even more difficult) I would have it written in an hour. I mean just the text. But it still prevents downloading and editing photos, choosing which to post in the article, sometimes studying available information about the place we visited, etc., which will take some time. And then, of course, English translation.

7. Have you ever had a writer´s block?

I have to knock it, but not yet. My nightmare is to have it. That I just won´t have anything to write about! :O

8. What is my favorite book quote?

Unfortunatelly, I can´t tell. I can´t recall any.

9. Does my family / friends know I’m writing? No – why not? Yes – do they support me?

Family and friends know it. They could support more, perhaps by sharing my posts (you know who I’m talking about, right?;) ).

10. Do I call myself a blogger?

Well, why not? It’s nothing defamatory. I love writing my blog, it’s my hobby (though I like to run too, but I wouldn´t call myself a runner 🙂 ). Although I may not be the best known, but I’m trying (see my post here).

11. Have I ever tried to write a book?

At a time when I was reading a lot of girls’ novels, I also wanted to write some. I wrote it with a pencil in a square notebook. I wrote about five pages. I can´t even remember what about.

12. What is the biggest challenge that I encounter as a blogger?

The biggest challenge so far has been buying my own domain and moving from Blogger to WordPress. One is still learning.

13. What are the ideal conditions for writing?

Midnight. Everyone is asleep. There is silence everywhere. I have a glass of good wine by my computer. That’s when I’m incredibly productive. Just like now 🙂






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