My goals for 2018

It is such a nice tradition that many people set their resolutions for the upcoming year. You know, like: I will lose some weight, I will eat healthier, I won´t buy so many shoes and handbags … 🙂 Most people, on the other hand, are against New Year’s resolutions, because they see it is as a nonsense to decide on crucial things on 1 January. However, I think that a lot of won´t resist a bit of balancing. Because, in my opinion, it is good to think about what we have (or not) accomplished in the past year. And then plan and look forward to what comes in the new year.

I have always been a goal-setter. I love setting even the tinies goals, even on the everyday basis (like: “today I really have to do the dusting” :)). Without goals, I wouldn´t be able to move where I am now. And I´m now talking about my blog. My main goal for last year was to move from Blogger to WordPress. For me, as an IT layman, the goal was really huuuuge (you can read here what I´ve accomplished in blogging during the last year).

And this year, the goal will be probably as big as the one last year. Maybe even bigger. Maybe someone will sneer at me. But if I didn´t do it, I would sneer at myself. Because I feel it´s a right time and I need to get out of my comfort zone and move on again. So what´s the goal with the big “G”?

I´ve decided to start writing posts in German too !!!

Yes, maybe you tap on your forehead and you say that my posts in English are not 100% like from a native speaker, how can I want to write in German? But it is motivation for me to learn and improve my German language skills. In addition, if I decide to make a language certificate sooner or later, one of the tasks will be to write an essay in German. So why not prepare for the exam by doing what I enjoy?

Maybe it won´t be all the posts yet. Perhaps I won´t post so often because I will need to process them in three languages, which will take some time. But I believe that I will be able to attract other readers to my blog. And who knows, maybe in the future I become a respected “local guide” and a partner for tourist offices. But, honestly, this is still a dream rather than a goal.

Anyway, I hope that you will keep my blog in favour even in the new year and you will be happy to come back here. I wish you, my dear readers, a beautiful and successful New Year 2018!

PS: and if there is a volunteer for German proof-reading, feel free to to put up your hand 😉



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