Top 10 posts of 2017

Like last year I would like to share a ranking with the ten most popular contributions from 2017 with you. I have taken my 10 most popular posts from the statistics of WordPress. This ranking contains not only posts published in 2017 but also one from 2015. But since I’ve transferred my blog from Blogger to WordPress just in 2017, I take it as a post from this year. It is always exciting to see which articles interest you. 

So, these are the most-clicked posts of the year!  (Note: all headlines are clickable)

1st place: Having a baby in Switzerland

The most popular post in 2017 was the one about birth history. Although published in 2015, this story about the birth of our daughter here in Switzerland seems to be extremely popular. Well, sorry, my English-speaking readers. This the post intended mainly for my Czech compatriots, to give a glimpse into differences between the Czech and Swiss healthcare (aftercare after the delivery, hospital stay etc.). So it´s almost the only post not translated into English. But if you are interested, please let me know and I will translate it as soon as possible.

2nd place: DIY: Mosaic Easter Eggs 

To my great surprise, this article from the DIY category ended in the second place. I really didn´t expect it to make such a success :O

3rd place: The Best of Bern with Kids

This post was shared on Facebook by the Bern tourist office and thus the blog traffic, and the readability of this post has sky-rocketed (despite its publishing in mid-October).

4. Fall crafts for kids: Pinecone figures 

These cute pinecone figurines were awarded a potato medal.

5. Colmar – a fairy tale town

Again, this post was shared by the tourist office of this fabulously beautiful town. Only on Facebook this post had been shared 30 times.

6. DIY: Christmas burlap wreath

When the greatest critic of my artworks (and no, it’s not my husband or kids :)) that the wreath “looks really luxurious”, I suspected it would be a great success. And so do ya!

7. Family guide to the Sensorium

Another post whose success I didn´t expect. But given that my audience is mainly local moms who want to know where to spend a quality time with their kids, I don´t wonder it has ended so high in the ranking.

8. In Switzerland, things aren´t stolen, only removed

My posts from everyday life in Switzerland have had a great success on the blog, especially among my Czech readers.

9. A delicious experience – CHEZ Camille Bloch

In the ranking has also found its place my post describing our experience from the newly opened visitor centre of the chocolate factory, where famous bars Ragusa and Torino are made.

10. 5 handprint colourful fall tree ideas

The tutorials for kids crafts seem to be also very popular on this blog.

This was the list of the most successful posts in the past year. For this year, I already have a long list of places (not only) in Switzerland that I would like to visit. And in my head, I have also many ideas for DIY. So I hope you will enjoy reading my blog in the upcoming year!

I wish you a happy new year with many beautiful experiences!



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