How can you tell that we are going to “holiday” to the Czech Republic

About three times a year we set out for a “holiday” in the Czech Republic. To enjoy families and celebrate traditional holidays or family events. This can not be done without much preparation, just as before leaving for any other vacation.

In addition to checking the weather forecast a few days in advance so that I can pack the clothes of me and our kids as best and effectively as possible (like everywhere, my husband only starts packing up about two hours before departure – yes dear, I’m talking about you 😉) , so my travel fever manifests itself in another way. As you know, in some ways I get out of the definition of normality (as you could read here), so it’s no wonder that I include the following in the preparatory work:

1. I buy online items that I can’t get in Switzerland

For example, bed linen (did you know that the Swiss pillows and duvets are 65 × 100 or 160 × 210 cm, while the Czech ones 70 × 90 or 140 × 200 cm?). And of course, I still have blankets from the Czech Republic after five years. Or I also order books in Czech, because even if I own a reader, I still like paper books. I have all this delivered to my parents or sister address, so I thank them for their holy patience that I have been making storehouse out of their homes 😀

2. I am writing a list of things I would like to buy and which I will not get in Switzerland

Some things are just better for me to buy directly in the store than online (such as bags of ground caraway or flour). Not to mention my favorite underwear 😉

3. I write a list of places I would like to see with my children.

And no, they are not just stores 😉 But maybe interesting places that I would like to show them. Last summer it was the Mammoth Hunters Trail, this spring we made a hike to Velký Lopeník (yeah, I know, I still owe you a post!).

4. I study cinema program in our town and its surroundings

Because, hooray, we will finally have babysitting, so my husband and I can go for some romance!

I arrange dates at the dentist, eye doctor, dental hygiene…

Since we already have some doctors here in Switzerland, it is worth to travel to the Czech Republic with some things.

6. And arrange dates for coffee, wine …

Just to chat with people I love and haven’t seen in so long. Although it may sometimes seem that the online world can eliminate the distance, it is simply not possible to sit with someone close to a cozy cafe or restaurant and talk face to face about the latest gossips 😉 .

7. I’m going to say goodbye to Bern

Maybe it may sound pathetic or stupid, but before each of our holidays (and not necessarily in the Czech Republic), I have an urge to drive myself to Bern. No shopping in the capital, no. Just take a stroll through the familiar nooks and recall what it was like for the first time when the ink on my husband’s new contract has not yet dried up and we walked through here feeling that we had no idea how much our life would change at all.

What about you and the visits to your home country? Is there anything your preparations cannot do without? Write to me!

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