Lockdown week #2: What made me happy

Welcome to the next chapter of my coronavirus diary, in which I want to share with you the tiny little things that made me happy this week and helped me take my mind off things (if you didn’t read what made me happy during the first week, read my post here). A small dose of joy this week, and I see the world in brighter colors.

1. Less laundry

And this finding has really made me happy. The washing and ironing of my husband’s shirts has dropped because he is now working from home (which is also another chapter of our “new normal” – let’s deal with it). Also – the ice hockey season is over, I don’t have to wash the sweaty “pajamas” (one-piece hockey underwear) and tons of underwear and socks that our boys use at rocket speed.

Just to give you a better idea. Two boys, training three times a week, at least once a week game/tournament. After every such training or tournament, the boys take a shower in the locker room and put on clean underwear and socks! But! And now the best part comes: they come home, unpack the dirty things, and in about an hour they are to change into pajamas. And what do they do then? That underwear and socks, which they wore for about an hour, throw into the laundry basket!!! And you can try your best to explain to them emphatically that they can wear those things the next day. It lasts for two days, and then they go back in their old tracks. Well, so you understand that this is the thing that makes me happy.

2. I’m happy with the new T-shirt

You may think that this is the vainest thing in the world that one should be enjoying right now. The internet is now full of advice on what to do at this time to make us feel happy – from baking bread, sorting out photos, practicing yoga, reading books we haven’t had time for, and so on. In fact to find activities that make us happy and help us overcome this period.

But we’re not all the same. We all think differently, we act differently, each makes happy something different. And yes, it may be terribly vain, but a new T-shirt can really make me happy. Because with this new T-shirt, I can think for a moment and look forward to wearing it when all this s*it is over.

3. Why women kill

I was very happy to find out that on the French M6 channel they will be giving the American series “Why women kill”, which I recently saw in the original. It’s an amazing black comedy, and by putting it on a French channel, I have the motivation to re-start my French, which I haven’t given much since our last holiday in France in 2017. In addition, the internet is also full of advice to learn a new language or to brush up one that we haven’t used in a long time (hooray, I finally fit into some “right” box).

So I hope that when #lockdown is over, my French will be at least the same level as I finished high school with! 😉

4. The idea for a new blog post

I know that one should not praise oneself, but I am pleased with myself because even in this strange situation (plus homeschooling, etc.) my brain is able to spew a lot of ideas, for example for a new blog post. On my Facebook site, I asked my readers for help with its realization and the response was great and I thank everyone so much 🙂 You can look forward to the blog post in the near future and just let me know in advance that its working title is “Czech Housewifes Guide to Swiss Grocery Shopping”.

5. Keep calm and take it easy (aka stay at home)

It makes me happy how calmly and apolitically the whole situation is going on here. Nobody blames anyone for this or that. The Swiss seem to trust their government, and the government also trusts its fellow citizens to follow the recommendations, so they don’t have to order anything.

Swiss healthcare is apparently at a good level, no one is scared or in panic. The capacities are likely to be sufficient for the time being because Swiss hospitals also accept patients from the neighboring French region of Alsace.

And what was your week? What made you happy? Write to me!

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Hana Hurábová

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  • Itzi Herrero E Iriarte
    30.3.2020 12:17

    Hi Hana !!!
    So intresting what you wrote Hana !!!!
    What made me the most happy in those crazy days is that FINALLY people are getting to do VOLONTAIRY WORK !!
    They do stuff without asking anything back…..
    I do that already for many, many years but now lots of others do it !!😊
    What also makes me happy is that lots of swiss people now are more open …
    They call if you are oke, i got sooooo many Whatsapp, MSN, Instagrams with hearts, kisses and good wishes when i was sick…
    Emails, facetime….
    So great !!!
    It gived me so much courage to get well and the most special thing is that it still continue..
    They still ask if everything is oke….
    The most awesome think that make me happy is my husband Börny!!!
    The way we are living first in quarentaine, separate bedrooms, separate bathrooms…
    And still every morning even if he couldn’t go to work , cause i was sick, he was making me laugh and the strength he was giving me !!! 👍
    But after getting better the thing that made me soooo happy was that finally i got better without fever !!!
    The HEALTH of a person is the most important thing for a human !!!!!
    So Hana I’m very happy !!!
    Keep it up your blog cause it is very good to read !!!!!
    Xxx Itzi😍🌈❤️🙏💋💚💋👍


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