The bears of Bern

Bear is the traditional symbol of both the city and Canton Bern. It became a symbol when the Duke Berchtold V., the founder of the city, caught the bear as a first animal in the surrounding woods in 1191. East of the old city of Bern, behind the bridge Nydeggbrücke, on the bank of river Aare, you can find “Bärenpark” with its three bear inhabitants.

In 2009 Bärenpark replaced existing “Bärengraben” – so-called Bear Pit, which has become insufficient for three bear´s needs. In Bärenpark, situated on the hillside above the Aare river, can Finn, Björk and Ursina freely run, climb, swim, play together or just relax.

On the 6,000 square meter area, the three bears can find a small grove, many shrubs, caves and bath, where they can fish and enjoy bear life.
 Bear fight or a bear hug?


Since 2015, the Bear Park provides a free of charge elevator which can take visitors to the riverside where they can enjoy the view of bears from a new perspective.  

When you watch the other side of Nydeggbrücke, you can see picturesque houses…

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