Gurten – hooray out of the city!

Not far from Bern you can find Gurten Hill (858 m.a.s.l.), where we have been to four times during our living here in Switzerland. It was twice in the spring (but within different weather conditions), once in the summer and once in the autumn. But we have always spent here pleasant time because the park on the top of the hill is really an ideal place to enjoy time with your kids, family, and friends.
Gurten resembles me a bit of Petřín hill in Prague. At least you can get there by the same type of cable car and you can find the lookout tower on its peak, from which you can overview the city below. At this point, the similarity ends – except for you could see the Alpes from Petřín 🙂


Perhaps the biggest attraction at the Gurten (especially for our children) is a small railroad. For 2 francs (3 for adults) can take a ride on the miniature train pulled by steam or electric locomotive. Resourcefully constructed railway leads pass a playground and go even through a tunnel. It also switches on a real signaling for “crossing”, to any of park visitors gets under the wheels of the passing train. It is interesting that the locomotives are operated by boys aged (my guess) 12-16 years, probably trains buffs 🙂
Especially bigger kids can enjoy themselves on the playground, that is a wooden structure built between the trees. Here they can climb in tunnels, climb over networks or slide. Further, in the middle of the train tracks, where you can find a playground for smaller ones.

Right next to the playground you can find marbles – you can endlessly turn the crank and move multicolored balls on the metal construction, chasing them through obstacles and watch where they wander and where they drop out.

Twelve colorful toy cars are ready for children from three years on a special racing track. For 1 francs can those, who have to wait for driving a real car a few more years, enjoy several minutes of the ride.

If you want to combine your visit with gastronomic experience, Gurten is a great place for a picnic. In the park are located a few spaces for grilling and roasting. But watch out for the wind – that lightning the fire didn´t last longer than the actual food preparation and consumption :). If you are not interested in preparing food or the weather is not suitable for picnic, you can have lunch in the restaurant. “Tapis Rouge” is self-service and has very good facilities for families with small children (there are microwaves to heat baby foods, enough children’s chairs, changing room, etc.). One can sit both inside and on the terrace overlooking Bern. The second restaurant “Bel Etage” is for a little different clientele and more likely for solemn occasions.
When you digest your meal (or to get the proper hunger :)), you can climb the 23-meter high wooden tower, from where in good weather is a beautiful view of the Alps and on Bern and its adjacent districts.
Eiger, Jungfrau & Monch

In summer, respectively. since late May should be opened another of the attractions – 500 m long bobsled. Learn on the website: what is held at the Gurten (concerts, festivals, shows …)

Fall sunset


Adelboden – skiing for all
The bears of Bern

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