Hiking with kids: Flüeweg Burgdorf

Flüeweg is the trail that leads through the forest above the city of Burgdorf – on the rocky “cliffs” that are so typical for this town, which is also called the “Gate to the Emmental”.

We headed here one beautiful fall afternoon to enjoy the Indian summer. The official trail, as described on the Schweizmobil site, is 6 km long and starts at the railway station (also ends here). Because we live nearby, we could afford the luxury of shortening the trail. We got here on bicycles that we left at the local riding school on the edge of the Schützenmatte Park.

From here, we headed over the Wynigenbrücke (Wynigebrügg) in the direction of Gysnauflüe / Waldeggbrügg. Although the trail is named “Flüeweg” on the official tourist sites, you will not find it on the signposts. You must stick to Waldegbrügg direction.

Note: As you may have noticed, site names may vary in official Google Maps and local tourist signposts (German x local dialect).

After a few meters, we turned slightly to the right of the forest path, and a few more meters later, we were able to see the chapel of St. Bartholomew.

At the next signpost, we turned right. After crossing the wooden bridge, we climbed zigzag up the hill along a narrow forest path. It was somewhat covered with leaves, one had to be careful not to stumble over the roots of the trees, or to slip on the smooth stones.

The first relaxation point, “Erste Flüe”, from which the view of the Gyrischachen and the river Emme opened. There is also a small fireplace for those who would like to roast cervelas (we also found branches with cut-off tips).

Then we continued on a wide forest path that was more or less flat. It then turned into a narrow path leading to the valley. When you walk up the hill again, you will see a signpost that will point two paths to Waldeggbrügg. We took the Alfred Dür-Weg. This is a narrow forest path along the heights on the slope.

The bench at the “Vierte Flüe” attracted us to sit down. So we decided to take a break here and have a snack. Since the sun that just shone against us has just faded, we didn´t enjoy the views of the castle and the old city. But because we know it in Burgdorf, we were not so sad for it. All the more, I was at least enjoying the rays of sunlight over the tree branches with golden leaves. My husband said that, in any case, it was worth returning here in the winter when the leaves would fall.

After a while, we joined the second of the paths that led to the Waldeggbrügg (called Brunnenstubeweg), and we kept on. When we came out of the woods, we had a view of the castle.

The official route trail runs further into the “Old Town”, but after crossing the bridge we went right along the river to our wheels (our route is marked yellow on the map below).

We walked 3.5km. No long trek, but not so easy, too, especially at the beginning. It took us about an hour to hike it. Which is quite a success, because the last kilometer wanted our smallest walked alone (which, of course, we were not against).


For those who want to continue the trail towards the town, it´s really worth it. Burgdorf is a very beautiful town and views from the castle (and on it) are worth it. At present, the museum, which used to be in the castle premises, is closed and the entire premises are being prepared for future use. You can also take a trip to the Affoltern cheese factory (hmmm … Emmental), or the Kambly cookies factory in Trubschachen.






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