Biking: Jegenstorf Castle

Near Bern, you will find the picturesque baroque Jegenstorf castle, where you can enjoy themed guided tours for kids, or just walk through the castle park.


In this biking trip, I managed to ride part of the third leg of trail Nr.34 Alter Bernerweg (the length of the leg is 43km and leads from Burgdorf via Bern to Laupen – more here). A pleasant ride along the fields, meadows, forests and farmhouses will take you to the village of Münchringen, where you will not continues straight to Bern, but turn right into the village of Jegenstorf. The castle is located immediately on the outskirts of the village on the left (the first turn to the left in the direction of the train station).

Start and finish: Kirchberg (BE)

Total length: 18,5km

Conditions: easy; the trail goes on asphalt roads. The only annoying part is the crossing in the villages of Kernenried, where the trail leads along the main road to the nearby village of Zauggenried. From here, the trail continues on local roads, where vehicles are forbidden to drive (only agricultural machinery or farm´s owners are allowed).

You can play pétanque on this field close to the village of Münchringen

Schloss Jegenstorf

The Jegenstorf Castle acquired its present Baroque appearance in the eighteenth century when it was owned by Albert Friedrich of Erlach. Previously the mansion passed through phases from a wooden medieval castle (12th century), over a stone castle and in the 17th century, it was reconstructed in the style of the late French Renaissance.

It is worth mentioning that in 1944 there was staying a part of the Swiss Army under the command of General Henri Guisan.

At the present time, the Museum of the Berne Culture of Housing (Museum für bernische Wohnkultur) is located in the castle. A permanent exhibition shows the equipment of elegant interiors of burgher houses of privileged families from the 17th to the 19th century. *


You´re not allowed to ride in the park, but you can park your bike in front of the main gate opposite the former stables (where there are now galleries).

In the baroque park, there is a carp (but also a duck :)) pond, but also an apple orchard with different types of varieties from which a cider and fruit brandy are produced. The Arboretum is home to songbird species.

Behind the orchard, there is a “peony garden”. At the time of my visit, the peonies still didn´t bloom, but the colorful rhododendrons already did.

My recommendation

  • If you do not want to bike to Jegenstorf, you can also take a train from Bern to get there (line S8 or RE) – you will be there within less than twenty minutes.
  • The castle also thinks of children: for them, there are various thematic tours or creative workshops. More information and an event´s calendar can be found here.

Have you ever been to Jegenstorf? Or do you know any other nice castle in the neighborhood? Send me your comments!

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Hana Hurábová

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  • Quiet beautiful place! I should have a look

  • Honestly I am not into castles/museum/historical building “that kind of thing”…haha (but there are exeptions!!). My husband always gets annoyed at me that I should intress more about buildings and visit more museums. Before, we would go separates way when he wants to visit a museum or a historical building. While he go to a museum I am spending my entrance money on ice-cream and then I just relax on the park. This is that kind of place we would do so. He would love to explore the castle and I would love to lay on that lawn….

    • And you both have a good time – and that´s the most important thing! 😉

  • What a pretty castle. I love all the peonies blooming at the moment.

  • My paren’ neighbors moved to Jegenstorf when I was a teenager, and I remember visiting them once or twice. Never made it to the castle, though, it looks very peaceful!

  • The castle grounds look so picturesque, I am not particularly a museum buff, but those grounds appeal to me quite a lot!


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