Skiing with kids: Wiriehorn (Diemtigtal)

The pleasant ski area, where you can enjoy skiing on the slopes of all categories, surprised us by its size and pleasant prices of ski passes. Wiriehorn is located in the Diemtigtal nature park and it is the first ski resort in the Berner Oberland region.

Getting there


The Wiriehorn is located a pleasant 40-minute drive from Bern via the A6 motorway. Take the Zwisimmen exit, after about 7 km turn left towards Naturpark Diemtigtal. At the lower station of the chairlift, there is an unpaid parking lot with a large capacity.

You can find the prices of ski passes here (the ski pass depot is 5CHF, so do not forget to return it to the ticket office!). If you don´t have your own ski equipment, you can borrow it (or buy it) at Stuckisport just outside the ticket office.


The chairlift will take you to Nüegg (at 1,418 m.a.s.l), where you will find 17km of ski slopes and 4 T-Lifts (map and operating hours of the area here). I’m not such a skillful skier to try the black slopes, but we really enjoyed skiing on the blue and red slopes. They were pretty wide and well-groomed. The “main” T-lift crosses the ski slopes at one point, which I don´t find safe when skiing with children. The slope back to the valley is covered with artificial snow.

Kinder lift

The rope lift and the “magic carpet” for the smallest skiers are located at the “Ferienzentrum”. If you want to reach it, you have to turn left on arrival about 200m in front of the valley station of the chairlift (brown signpost “Kinder” with the Schweizer Skischule logo).


While I was testing the slopes with my older son, my husband and two younger children set out to test the sled run. Normally, I wouldn´t get him to do so, but because two weeks ago he went skiing for a few day with our older son to Austria, it was quite clear who would ski and go sled 😉

According to the photos below and my husband’s report, it is clear that the sled run was not entirely in the best condition. I understand that the snow conditions this winter are far from ideal, but I would rather close the sled run than to have the kids wandering in the mud.

Well, at least they could enjoy nice views 🙂


At the top station of the chairlift, you can find Berghotel Nüeg, by the red slope Nr.3 there is a Bock-Bar, and you can find the restaurant Wirieblick next to the children’s lifts.


A very pleasant ski area where you don´t have to queue long long queues (even though the Swiss Ski Day was here on the day of our visit). The slopes are pretty wide and well groomed. A wide choice of ski pass variants (including hourly) is also a big plus. As I wrote in the introduction, don´t forget to return the card after skiing. You don´t get back your 5 francs in cash, but the multi-pack of Ovomaltine chocolate or local cheese will also please 🙂 As I also mentioned, a small minus is the crossing of the ski slope with a ski lift.

I would certainly like to come back here again to try the children’s lifts with our younger children. And other resorts in Diemtigtal Valley (Springenboden and Grimmialp) attract us to visit too.

And what about you? Have you ever been skiing on Wiriehorn? Or in one of the other ski areas in Naturpark Diemtigtal? Share your experience. And if you like the article, don´t forget to share it! 🙂



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