Water playground “Gwunderwasser”, Naturpark Diemtigtal

As promised in my previous blog post on our hiking experience along the Schwingerweg, today I want to present you another activity for children in Naturpark Diemtigtal. If you want to refresh after a mountain hike, there is no better place (in the case of good weather) than the “Gwunderwasser” water playground. And when I say refresh, I really mean refresh. Because the water in the mountain stream with its temperature definitely does not resemble the thermal spring (even in the summer months 😉 ).

Getting there

The water playground is located about 2.5 km in front of the Grimmialp cable car. By car, the journey takes 50 minutes from Bern (55km). Take the exit Zweisimmen from the highway A6, then keep left towards Oey/Naturpark Diemtigtal. The marked car park (“Wasserspielplatz”) is directly opposite the Tiermatti restaurant. Parking is paid: 1st hour is free of charge, for each one you pay 1 franc. Parking for the whole day costs 5 francs. From here, it is about 5 minutes’ walk to the playground.

Another car park (Anger) is 2km ahead Tiermatti. From here it’s about half an hour on foot along the creek.

Public transport: The yellow Postbus runs from Oey station, Tiermatti stop.

Water playground

The playground is free of charge and is open from mid-May to the end of September, daily from 8 am to 7 pm. It is full of play elements, but the most interesting thing is the “trough” system, where children can divert the flow of water in different ways, using wooden blocks to build dams or run boats to explore the dynamics of one of the natural elements.

There are also two water “mill wheels” where children can watch the movement of the water and can creatively experiment.

It is up to you whether you will be in the shoes or barefoot. Even though the water is cold enough, as I mentioned in the introduction, I still recommend taking the shoes off and walking barefoot here.

If children do not have fun playing with water, they can build stone statues, play on a sandbox with a digger, climb a wooden tower, or watch live creatures in a pond.

For a relaxing break for busy children (and adults), there are wooden deck chairs and benches. The willow “pavilion” will provide a pleasant shadow.


Right next to the entrance to the playground, you will find several picnic tables in the pleasant shade of the woods. As soon as our children saw a bucket, they remembered our recent visit to the EBIANUM Baggermuseum.

A bit behind the playground you will find the “Restaurant” Circus Schenke, which offers a variety of refreshments. Here you will also find toilets that are not on the playground. Another option is the already mentioned Restaurant Tiermatte opposite the parking lot.

I must say that our children liked the playground very much. And what about you? Have you been here sometimes? What were your kids saying? I look forward to all your comments!

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