Hiking with kids: Emmental farmers’ trail

From exploring the cities and landmarks of the southern Italian region of Apulia, we returned to the arms of my beloved Emmental. On Saturday afternoon I planned an easy hike between two villages not far from us. As our younger son has a theme “On the Farm” at school, the nature trail around the local farms was downright offered.

Bauernlehrpfad – The farmers’ trail

The farmer’s trail was established on the initiative of farmers from the area with the support of the Bäregg agricultural school.
The farmers want to offer an opportunity to get more in touch with agriculture. With the care and use of our natural livelihoods and the production of healthy food, farmers also fulfill an important function in modern and fast-moving times.*

Getting there

The farmers’ trail is easy to reach by public transport. The starting point of the hike is in Ramsei. By train (line S4 or S44) or by bus (line 284) you will reach Ramsei, from the destination Zollbrück by the same line back. The train back runs once an hour.

Right on the signpost of hiking trails at the train station, you will see a plan of the nature trail. Then all you have to do is to follow the brown “Bauernlehrpfad” sign. The route is more or less in line with the yellow hiking trail in the direction of Ramisberg/Zollbrück, but in some short stretches it turns off.


The nature trail route leads over 11 farms, with each point focusing on a different area of agriculture. Random: breeding cattle, horses, pigs, poultry, crop production, beekeeping, water protection or the importance of the forest in the landscape.

You can find questions on the topic on the boards at each site, and you can find answers right next on the larger boards in the informative text. The texts are very “readable” (neither too long nor too short, just for kids), accompanied by photos and graphics.

Besides the initial ascent, the path leads along the contour line, then down from Bänzenberg to Ried. Along the way, you will enjoy the views of the Alps, which will literally appear behind every turn.


You will find a great place for your picnic in the middle of the route. Please do not forget to contribute to the box. Even a small amount will help to make places like this always perfect ready-to-use, so you can enjoy your picnic.


At Ranflühberg farm you will not only find interesting information about pig breeding, but you can stop here for something good. And those views !!!


Almost at the end of our hike, we reached the village of Ried, which is under homeland protection. Unique is the strict arrangement of farms above and granaries below the path. The farmhouses date from between 1776 and 1858 and the granaries with paintings, inscriptions and richly painted doors from 1713 to 1780.


Since we had in Zollbrück, the destination of our hike, to wait about an hour for our train was to arrive, we had a beer (or two 🙂 ) in Brauschüür Emmental.

Before, we had bought the ice cream at the Gasthof zum Rössli for our kids, so they were happy at the end of the hike too 🙂 Both places are only a few meters apart (and a few meters from the station).


  • Although it was Saturday and wonderful weather was perfect for hiking, we haven’t met anyone besides a few cyclists on the route.
  • The route is about 7.5 km long and we spent a total of 3.5 hours on it (including a barbecue break).
  • The route leads mostly on paved asphalt roads, it is, therefore, doable with a stroller (only a short section between stops 2 and 3 leads through the grass, but it is easy to get around on the road – a detour of about 50 meters).

*Source: Emmental Tourismus

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