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We have cycled past the Kiddy Dome in Rohrbach several times in the past years as part of the SlowUp family cycling event, but we have never visited this indoor playground. It wasn’t until last fall that the kids convinced me that they would really like to go there, and I couldn’t resist their pleas. I hadn’t written an article about our visit then, but when our youngest begged me to go again this time, I carefully documented our visit for you. And despite my initial aversion to “facilities” of this type, I must say that this place is lovely. The kids have a great time and have fun here, and you, as parents, can even relax here. Don’t you believe? Read on!

How to get to Kiddy Dome

The Kiddy Dome is located in the village of Rohrbach in Emmental (Hauptstrasse 52, 4938 Rohrbach), about 50 minutes by car from Bern or Lucerne, an hour from Basel, and an hour and a quarter from Zurich. There’s a large car park in front of the building; if it’s occupied, you’ll also find parking spaces across the road. Parking is free.

Opening hours and admission fees

Opening hours are generally every day from 10 am to 6 pm. However, when planning your visit, please check the website directly, as it can be adjusted according to the current situation (school holidays, public holidays, etc.).

I recommend buying your tickets online in advance, as it is cheaper than on the spot.

Small children (85 – 94cm): 12 CHF (13 CHF on-site).

Children (95 cm to 15 years): CHF 25 (CHF 27 on-site).

Adults (16 years and over): CHF 12 (CHF 13 on-site).

If you want to try the trampoline jumping in the Jumping Dome (see below) during your visit, you can buy a Combi-Ticket for the Jumping Dome.

You will receive a paper wristband when you buy your ticket. Adult wristbands have a chip that scans all spending on-site. This is then paid when you leave the Kiddy Dome. So, the wristband must not be lost or destroyed.

You can store your outerwear and shoes in lockers or hang them on hangers. There are also special lockers to store valuables (they work with a chip on the wristband).

Indoor play area

Covering an area of more than 6,000 square meters, you will find a range of activities and facilities for children of all ages. Whether you come here with a baby, toddler, or older children, children can climb, slide on giant slides and inflatable donuts, run, and ride various vehicles. Of course, nothing is stopping you from enjoying these activities with them 🙂

Children can ride tricycles, scooters, and other vehicles for free, while the more “sophisticated” ones, such as electric cars or motorbikes, can be paid for with tokens (1 token = 1 franc). You can exchange tokens for francs at the ticket office.

Kiddy Dome with babies

You don’t have to be afraid to go to the Kiddy Dome, even with the little ones. The Kiddy Dome is accessible with a stroller thanks to the elevators, and you’ll find a changing room, nursing room, and play area.

Jumping dome

As I mentioned before, the Jumping Dome is charged separately. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 14:30 – 16:30, Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays, 10:30 – 12:30 – 14:30 – 16:30. When you buy a ticket, you have a fixed time at which you can jump in the Jumping Dome. It is essential to arrive at the entrance 15 minutes before the start of jumping.

Rope Park

The Kiddy Dome also includes a rope park located at a height of eight meters and features 16 stations of varying difficulty. Entry to the rope park is booked and paid for separately.


Upstairs, there is a restaurant where you can order a variety of burgers and several types of pizza. Of course, there are sweets, salty treats, and drinks. In good weather, you can enjoy your meal on the outdoor terrace. You are not allowed to bring your food into the restaurant, but there is a picnic area one floor up where you can bring your snacks. An interesting “extra” is the adults-only area on the top floor. Did I mention you can also relax in the Kiddy Dome? 😉

You can also book a birthday party at the Kiddy Dome. The ample space allows several parties to be held here at once.


As you can probably tell from the introduction, I’m not a big fan of large indoor children’s playgrounds. But as the kids get older and more independent, and you don’t have to follow them around and watch them every step, staying here is definitely more bearable for an adult me. I’ve had a lovely time here. All I had to do was pop in my earbuds with the ambient sound canceling feature and turn on Netflix (they have free Wi-Fi here!). I had a relaxing afternoon! Of course, I didn’t let it get to me, and I tried out a few of the slides 😉 I also showed you what the Kiddy Dome looks like in a short video Reel on Instagram, so check it out.

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