5 reasons why you should choose the Zakynthos island for your holiday

Who has been waiting for photos of the azure sea will be a little bit disappointed here. I want to share with you a few unusual photos that (to perhaps a few exceptions) you won´t find in the tourist guides.

1. Local fauna

Zakynthos is also called “Turtle Island”, as the turtles “Caretta-Caretta” lay their eggs on the southern beaches of the island. Turtle nests are bounded and are under strict protection.

Dozing flock of sheep hidden from the midday sun in the shade of an olive tree


Red dragonflies fluttered in the water tank on the way to the hotel beach.


2. The capital Zákynthos

Bikes as decoration

Decoration in front of the small shop with local products
Colorful café

3. Cape Skínari


In the local tavern, they grow their own peppers


The lighthouse at Cape Skinari
Preserved windmills…
…were really revolving

4. Skópos – the highest mountain of the island

Church on top of the mountain and the ruins of a monastery

5. Keri

The biggest Greek flag recorded in the Guinness Book of Records
My hand 🙂

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