Hiking with kids: Healthy snacks ideas

In my last post with 6 tips for hiking with kids (which I hope was very useful for you), I promised you to be more detailed on what snacks are good to pack for a hiking trip. So today I´m bringing you an extended guide focusing on what proved well for us in terms of food.

First, I would like to repeat my advice from last time, that you bring along rather more snacks than less and take into consideration that you prepare what your kids like. So what specifically proved well for us?


Sweet (with butter&marmelade) or non-sweet (cheese&ham&eggs) variations – it depends on what one likes. If we plan a day trip, I rather prepare both versions.

Cereal biscuits/crackers

Instead of sweet biscuits, after which one gets thirsty, we rather take a variety of crackers. They are made of several kinds of whole grains (spelled, barley, rye etc.), so they a good source of fiber. They are available in various flavors (my favorites are cheese/thyme and sea salt :)).

Healthy mix

Usually a combination of nuts, almonds, and raisins, which give energy to all small and big hikers.


I better prepare fresh fruit in advance (peel, cut it, if necessary). We usually don´t bring along bananas, even though they are a good source of energy, as they could mash in a backpack. Some may argue that there exist practical cases for bananas, but after eating them, five empty plastic cases would occupy too much space in our backpack.
Our children also like fruit sauce pouches. You can find many variations on the market, but we buy most of these:



Particularly gummi bears (and similar sorts) are a great motivator and “power fuel” for our children. They serve well as a sweet reward at the finish of our hike but can be used also along the way, if you play different games with your children.


If you know that there is a picnic spot along you way, check my 12 picnic essentials to know what to pack. Kids seem a lot more interested in going for hikes if roasting sausages are in the cards.


Don´t forget about your water intake and especially that of your children! Instead of sugary sodas and juices bring along the plain water. It may serve not only for drinking but also when you need to wash the wound when happens a small accident or God forbid, a major injury.

We use a Czech product “Healthy bottle“* – they have a wide selection of original designs (no Hello Kitty, Cars, etc :)), But what is important, they are made of special material developed for medical purposes. Thanks to it there is no odour and mould in the bottle even if it is used frequently, as it is with other plastic bottles.

It may seem like a lot of food, but from my own experience, I know that children usually crave snacks first at the beginning of the hike (even though they had eaten at home), and supplies can dwindle alarmingly fast. And as I also wrote in my post “5 tips for long car rides with kids“: better overpack than having your children nervous and yelling from starving. Moreover, when additional difficulties such as sore feet and fatigue can happen.
It is also good not to pack everything in one backpack, but put some snacks (like candies or fruit sauces) in your children´s backpacks.

I hope my list has been helpful for you and if you have any other tips what snacks to pack, let me know in the comments bellow.


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