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Hiking with kids in the Emmental: from Hasle to Sumiswald

It was my German teacher who has given me the tip for this hike. About 8.5 kilometers long easy hike leads from Hasle-Rüegsau via Egg to Sumiswald. In addition to the magnificent Emmental countryside, you can enjoy the views of the Alps.


The hike begins at Hasle-Rüegsau train Station. If you want to get here by car, leave it parked at the local Coop or Migros.

From the station go over the bridge over the Emme River in the direction of Rüegsau. The path leads along the sidewalk through the village. After about 1 km the trail turns right into the slope. From here you will follow the signpost Egg Schulhaus.

Now you continue hiking about a kilometer uphill. You will walk past the Tierheim Emmental and the Weinacker farm. From here you will be rewarded with the beautiful views of the Emmental countryside.

At the Brandishub farm, you find yourself on the crest of the hill. Because it was the first May, we followed the Czech tradition, that on this date those who are in love kiss under the blooming cherry tree 🙂

We came across the pillars (probably) of the nature trail.

And in a few tens of meters, you will find yourself on the lookout near the linden tree. Here is where the hiking trail connects with the famous Herzroute bike trail from the Lützelflüh.

Then the route continues along the crest, past the Bohnenhüsli farm to the Ellenberg signpost (about another kilometer). Here, turn left towards a gentle hill. The trail leads along the tarmac road towards the forest.

Here you will find a fireplace of one of the local clubs.

Egg Panoramatafel

When you get out of the forest, you will soon find yourself on the crest, where you can again see the mountain view. There is also a panoramic board on the way that will help you to recognize the alpine peaks.

Egg Schulhaus

From here it is a short walk to Egg Schulhaus. At the beginning of the 20th century, Simon Gfeller worked as a teacher here. In addition to his teaching profession (he was a teacher for 30 years), he was also passionate about writing. His novel Heimisbach was the first book written and published in the Emmental dialect.

Hof Schaufelbühl

From here it is less than a kilometer to the Schaufelbühl farm run by the Bigler family. It is said to be a favorite place for (not only) wedding celebrations.

From here it goes on to the next homestead. Here you can find snacks at Spycher Stübli. Behind it, you turn right at the signpost (keep in the direction of Sumiswald / Sumiswald – Grünen) and after a few tens of meters, the path turns left – towards the forest and down the hill.

When we left the forest, we were already in sight of Sumiswald. We went to the left, passing the equestrian farm on our way, where the horse training was underway, so the children had fun for a while.


At the next signpost, you have two options to end the hike. Either you turn right and head straight for the Sumiswald-Grünen train station, or turn left to the village of Sumiswald where you can have a good meal in one of the local restaurants. Then the bus takes you to the train station. We went right to the train station (there are good coffee and popsicles in the kiosk 🙂 ). On our way past the forest, we walked past another fireplace.

The train from Sumiswald will take you back to Hasle-Rüegsau. Timetables can be found here.


  • The length of the hike was 8.5 kilometers.
  • We did it in three hours with all the snack/lookout breaks.
  • There are two fireplaces along the trail.
  • Not suitable for stroller.
  • The route elevation profile can be found on the Wandermagazin SCHWEIZ website.
  • f you do not want to end your hike in Sumiswald but continue to Affoltern, turn left at the Schufelbüelneuhus signpost and you will be in Affoltern in about one hour. Here you can try the new “Königsweg” experience tour at the local cheese factory. The bus will take you back to Hasle-Rüegsau train station.


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