Geneva Motor Show 2017

Life in Switzerland gives us the opportunity to visit places that we wouldn´t normally visit, and I am very grateful for that. This is the case with the famous Geneva Motor Show, which we visited for the second time. And we had a great time there again! What we´ve seen here, and how can you enjoy a visit with three small children, you can read in today’s post.

I thought that if we visit the motor show for the second time, we won´t be hit by the coveted “wow” effect (since we´ve already been here last year, right?). But the opposite was true because there were lots to watch and to admire.

How to get there

The motor show is being held at the Geneva Palexpo exhibition center, which is located near the Geneva airport. So you can get here either by plane or by car (about 1,5hr from Bern, follow the signs to Palexpo, then Parking Salon, the parking fee is 25CHF). You can also use rail service (SBB offer reduced entry fee here) and there are also shuttle buses going directly to the fairground.
I´ve divided my guide to several sections. For better orientation in the expo halls, don´t forget to take the plan at the entrance hall, where you can find your favorite car brands.


The exhibitors showed not only the concepts of new cars but also their high-tech vision of the future.

 Luxury cars

After I spotted a gorgeous Bentley, I said that I’m no longer interested in any damned Audi, because in comparison with seeing such a luxury car (really just seeing from a distance since there is a glass divider), other “normal” cars look like rattletraps.


 “Common” cars

I don´t want to treat “common” brands unjustly, even here one could see beautiful cars, on which was a joy to behold. In addition, hostesses and stewards from companies representing family cars received high plus points from me, because they didn´t mind kids crawling through cars: in one second they were behind the wheel, the other climbed out of the trunk. Just load testing of family cars, as it should be 🙂


My British selection

Like last year, I have to admit that I´ve never heard of some car marks and saw them for the first time in my life. Of course, I’m not such an automotive layman, I know the aforementioned Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Aston Martin, but really first heard about brands like Eadon Green or David Brown Automotive.

She´s already made her choice 🙂
Finn McMissile from the Cars 2 movie?



Some brands (e.g. Seat of Ford) offered to visitors trying various driving simulators. For us, there´s been a little disappointed with Tag Heuer, because the boy’s been looking forward to a great track with remote control cars like last year, but instead, there were other simulators, which they hadn´t been allowed to try because of the approaching closing time would 🙁


It wouldn´t be me if I didn´t notice what were people wearing. One could meet beautifully dressed people like from fashion magazines out of the journal and I wondered if they were celebrities or not. I peeked into the VIP area curiously, if I catch a glimpse of someone famous. On the other hand, there were those on who you could apply the rule that you can´t taste with money.
At least, I took a picture with one celebrity on the poster 🙂

My impressions

I liked the FIA campaign focused on safe driving, which promote various celebrities (they could´ve shown up there too :))
  • It was a pleasant discovery that the admission price has remained unchanged compared to last year (adults16CHF / children 6-16yrs 9CHF) and preserved even half the admission after 4 pm.
  • There is also the possibility to rent a stroller.
  • Everything on the show was so shiny, clean, perfumed, that you felt a bit inappropriate when your kids dropped their snack´s crumbs on the floor or stained car glasses. But you didn´t have to worry – there was always someone emerging immediately and starting to polish with a cloth or mop and clean everything up after your kids. And in those moments, you wished to have this army of helpers at home! 🙂
And what about you? Have you ever been to Geneva Motor Show? Or are you going? In that case, I hope you find my guide useful!
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