Hiking with kids: Chuderhüsi lookout tower

Less than 30 km from the capital of Bern, in the beautiful hilly landscape of the Emmental region, you can make a trip to the Chuderhüsi lookout tower, from which you can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding area in bright weather.

How to get there

You can walk to the lookout tower from nearby villages along local hiking trails (such as from Röthenbach or Bowil – map here), but we went here by car. Parking is available at the Chuderhüsi Restaurant and along the road at the designated spots. From here it is only 10 minutes to the lookout tower. This way the smallest can handle the walk, the trail is easy to carry even with the stroller.

Along the trail, you find interesting woodworks.

Lookout tower

The idea to build a lookout tower had locals to celebrate the 850th anniversary of the foundation of the municipality of Röthenbach im Emmental. The wooden lookout tower, built from the contributions of both the canton and the local ones, was inaugurated in 1998. Unfortunately, it was burned down in less than three years. However, a few days after this sad event, it was decided to build a new tower. This new tower was opened in 2002.

Even there is free access to the tower, you will find a money box for a voluntary contribution at the foot of the staircase.

While climbing up the stairs, you can see small blue plastic signs on the wooden railing showing interesting data from local, Swiss and world history.

When you climb all the 195 stairs, you can take a look around. There is a view of both the Bernese and the Wallis Alps, the Prealps, the Jura Mountains and, of course, the Emmental and Mittelland areas.

Right next to the tower there is a place for barbecue.

Restaurant Chuderhüsi – restaurant with mission

In the self-service restaurant Chuderhüsi, we first encountered a special payment method. The total amount for the ordered meal or drink is placed by the customer in the envelope to which he writes what he has ordered and what the total cost was. The sealed envelope then throw into the “money box” next to the box where the dirty dishes are stored.

The explanation for this system is quite simple: Restaurant Chudehüsi has been run by the El Rafa Foundation since 2014. This foundation helps people who have problems with drug addiction, psychological problems or get into problematic life situations (learn more at www.elrafa.ch). The restaurant gives them the opportunity to rejoin the work process. Unfortunately, since the money had been from time to time “lost” from the normal cash box, the system has been introduced.

For kids

There is a whole room in the restaurant where kids can play. Here they will find Hot Wheels track, board games, books, and even foosball.

Outside there is a slide and swings, as well as a small house that definitely small girls will love.

See that tiny house on the left?
That´s what you find inside

Besides, there is a fold with grazing goats and their kids, which let you pet them over the fence 🙂

And what about you? Are you not afraid of the heights and you like climbing the lookout towers? What’s your favorite? Tell me in the comments bellow!


An easy walk to the Chuderhüsi lookout tower

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