A perfect fall afternoon on the pumpkin farm

It was quite a “last-minute” decision to make a trip to the “Pumpkin farm”.  On Sunday morning, I was looking for where to go in a constantly changing (rather April than September) weather, and I came to the Weyeneth´s internet site by chance. But what a lucky chance! When I found out that this place is just a short drive from us, the destination of the trip was clear!

But first, here’s a short story to let you blogging has influenced my thinking. During our twenty-minute trip to the farm, it was cloudy and slightly raining. I was quite upset. But not because of the fact, that the children´s outdoor activities would be spoilt by the bad weather (although of course, I know that the children do not care about the weather and can enjoy and have fun despite the bad weather) but that I wouldn´t be able to take nice sunny pictures for my blog post I wanted to write about this place! :O Do you understand? No? Well … let’s move on 🙂 Anyway, call me a child of fortune, but about a minute before our arrival it stopped raining and the sun began to shine from behind the clouds! And we really enjoyed it here!


Getting there

The Weyeneth family farm is located at Kesslergasse 30 in the village of Lüterkofen (canton of Solothurn). As you approach the spot, follow the brown pointers “Weyeneth”. The parking lot is right next to the farm, the capacity is sufficient and parking is free.


It is open daily from 13:30 to 17:00 (on Sundays from 11:00).

Admission is 8 francs for adults, 4 francs for children (4 – 16 years), family admission (2 + 2) is 21 francs.  You pay at the “Beizli” – a refreshment stand next to the “pumpkin pyramid”.

And why was a visit to the pumpkin farm a great experience?

Treasure hunt in labyrinths

When paying an entrance fee, Mrs. Weyeneth asked if the children wanted to play a treasure hunt. In response to their eager looks, she gave them cards and explained that in the middle of each labyrinth they would find numbers that together make up the code. This code will open the treasure chest. In which order we will go through the labyrinths, it is up to us. So we started searching for the first number in the hedge maze.

We continued in the pumpkin labyrinth. But I should write that it is also a maze. Here it´s time to explain that there is a difference between a maze and a labyrinth.

In the maze, you will find complexly branched paths and you have to choose which one you want to go. The paths in the maze are defined by high walls, fences, bushes or mirrors, and you do not see where you are going to go. On the other hand, the labyrinth has a clear path and only one way leads through it. Here – unlike the maze – you won´t find vicious paths or dead ends. The way in the labyrinth leads toward the center, but it is not straight – sometimes it is distancing, sometimes approaching the center. *

For me, it was an experience. I have to admit that I got a little panic and anxiety that we wouldn´t be able to get out of here.

In the middle of the maze, we found the first number of the secret code.

Then we moved to a pasture next to the farm, where there are two labyrinths on the gentle slope (yes, the term labyrinth is correct here :)) Although it does not seem, the labyrinth in the grass is pretty vast – see how far our younger son is!

The stone labyrinth is built according to the classic Cretan pattern.

In a former cowhide (which is also filled with pumpkins), children found the hint where to look for the treasure chest.

Ready for Halloween

You can find the treasure chest in … well, where would you look for the treasure chest? Then it was enough to enter a numeric code and get exhilarated over the treasure! 🙂

Refreshments in the pumpkin pyramid

After the treasure hunt, we needed a little rest. And so we sat down under the roof of pumpkins and other climbing plants and enjoyed coffee and children their popsicles.

Marble run

Then we went on again for other activities. For 2 francs, children can borrow a wooden ball (20 francs deposit) and try a giant marble run. I think I don´t have to describe how the boys got excited when they found out that the track goes around the corner to another building where there were different pulleys and lifts.

Barefoot path

While the boys were running behind the wooden ball, our littles tried walking barefoot on twigs, stones, cork or pebbles.

Pumpkin sale

Besides all those family activities, you can, of course, buy pumpkins here. You will find here a huge variety of pumpkins (both for eating and decoration). From the information tables, you will learn how the pumpkin tastes and how best to prepare it. I was most attracted to the pear-shaped pumpkin I had never seen before.

And what about you? How do you like to spend the fall days? Do you have a favorite place to go with your kids? Tell me in the comments section below! And have a beautiful fall!

*Source: https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labyrint

Jaký je rozdíl mezi Labyrintem a Bludištěm?

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