Christmas crafts for kids: Pinecone angel ornaments

The success of the fall pinecone figures has inspired me to work with this natural material again and try to create Christmas ornaments: Pinecone angles. The tutorial is very simple, and you have a lot of room for fantasy how to decorate your angels.


  • pinecones
  • polystyrene beads/cotton balls with face print (diameter 19mm)
  • hot glue gun & silicone sticks
  • chenille wire
  • glitter spray (or glitters, glue and brush)
  • for wings: textile wired ribbon, round white paper lace (13cm diameter), feathers
  • thin black marker
  • scissors
  • pins, a piece of thin cardboard

Step 1

Spray the pinecones with glitter spray. If you would like to choose another glitter decoration technique, it is possible to follow this steps I used for my Christmas pinecone wreath last year – mixing the glitter powder with a liquid universal glue and using the brush apply them to the cones.

Step 2

If you have balls without pre-drawn faces, draw eyes, nose and mouth using a thin black marker. It’s a nice activity for kids.


Then cut a piece of chenille wire, wrap it into a ring, and attach it to the head with a glue gun. You create an angel’s halo.

Then glue the ball to the bottom of the pinecone.

Step 3

Now it´s the wings creation turn. I wanted to try as many variations as possible.

Wings from the wired ribbon

I have found that a ribbon that has a thin wire embedded in the edges works very well because it easily keeps the desired shape. I twisted the ribbon in the shape of a tie, then secured the centre with a pin.

Wings from a paper lace

Paper lace can also serve nicely for angel wings. It just has to be well folded. Be careful! The other wing must be mirrored!

Wings from feathers

At the local hobby market, I bought marabou feathers. At home, I found out how delicate they are and working with them is not that easy. They were too long, so I had to cut them into the desired shape. I glued a trimmed feather on a small piece of cardboard and then glued it to the pinecone.

As I wrote in the beginning, you can let your imagination flow: I also thought that the tulle or the edges of the old curtains could be suitable for the wings (but not to cut the wedding lace;) )

I also thought I would make the halo using silicone sticks with glitters (like these ones). But I finally dropped this experiment because I was afraid that the glitter would damage my glue gun and then mix into colourless sticks. What is your experience with glitter sticks?

You can glue a string on the angels to make it an original Christmas tree ornaments, or just decorate the holiday table. I’ll leave it to you 🙂

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I’d love if you shared it with others. Maybe by pinning the following picture on Pinterest 🙂


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