Unique suspension bridges in Switzerland

If Switzerland has taught me anything, it is to stop being afraid of heights. Well, to be precise – I never had a fear of heights, I only had it when there was a perforated metal structure under my feet, through which I could see below me. So I didn’t mind climbing the wooden lookout tower, but I had a problem with the metal one. But cherish your phobias when Switzerland offers so many incredible suspension bridges and walkways that you would regret not crossing for the rest of your life! And so, over time, I’ve gotten over myself and in today’s post I bring you a rundown of the most interesting suspension bridges and walkways in Switzerland. Since it’s not in my power to be everywhere, I once again asked my followers to share their photos and experiences. For which I thank them very much!

Map of suspension bridges and walks in Switzerland

There are 158 suspension bridges and footbridges in Switzerland – you can find a complete list of them here. In this article, I’ve put together a list of the bridges we’ve visited ourselves or that my followers have visited. As you can see from the map, most of them are located in the cantons of Bern and Wallis.

22 unique suspension bridges in Switzerland

Glacier 3000 Peak walk by Tissot

The Peak walk by Tissot suspension bridge is the pride of the Glacier 3000 glacier area. Opened in October 2014, it is 107 meters long and 80 centimeters wide and connects the summit of View Point with Scex Rouge. It is the only suspension bridge in the world connecting two mountain peaks. At the top of Scex Rouge, there is a viewing platform that offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains.

Titlis Cliff Walk

The 150-meter-long suspension bridge is located at an altitude of 3,041 meters and 500 meters above the ground, making it the highest suspension bridge in Europe!

Hochstalden Frutigen

The suspension bridge, which is privately owned, is one of the longest footbridges in Europe with a length of 153 meters. It spans the Engstlige River at a height of 38 meters, and after crossing it (and dropping coins into the coin box) you can calm your nerves on the other side by enjoying the cozy “Hängebrügg-Beizli”.

Hängebrücke Leiternweide Niedersimmental

The Leiternweide suspension bridge over the Morgetenbach Gorge is 111 meters long and 111 meters high and was opened in October 2013. It was from here, from the Morgeten Alps, that the now-vanished spa of Bad Weissenburg was formerly supplied by ladders and narrow paths.

Panoramabrücke Sigriswil

The metal footbridge is 340 meters long, opened on 14 October 2012, and connects Sigriswil with the village of Aeschlen over the Gummischlucht Gorge. The bridge was built as part of the Panorama Rundweg Thunersee project.


Just under nine kilometers along the magical Vallemaggia valley from Maggia to Someo, you will cross three suspension bridges over the crystal clear Maggia river.

Thrillwalk Schilthorn

At 2,677m above sea level, on the rock massif of the Birg intermediate station, you will find the Thrillwalk platform, which is located above the vertical cliff and from where you can enjoy great views of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.

First Cliff walk Grindelwald

If you have a fear of heights, First Cliff Walk is a great place to tackle it. The narrow, 400 meters long, steel walkway runs along a steep cliff face at 2,168 meters above sea level!

Ponte Tibetano “Carasc”

Photo credit: Rita Angelone

My dear colleague Rita from the famous Swiss blog Die Angelones visited the 270 m-long Ponte Tibetano bridge with her family during our bloggers’ weekend in Ticino. Anchored at 696 m, it rises 130 m above the ground and allows you to cross the rugged valley that separates the villages of Sementina and Monte Carasso in front of Bellinzona.


Photo credit: ToM

The canton of Wallis is, among many other things, famous for its irrigation canals, the so-called Suonen. On the Suonen Torrent Neuf in Saviès, you cross four suspension bridges straight across. They bypass the steep rock walls along which the Suone originally flowed. I got this tip from Tomas.

Charles Kuonen Hängebrücke, Randa/Zermatt

Photo credit: Markéta

Of course, we cannot forget the suspension bridge, which until recently held the title of the longest suspension bridge in the world. Unfortunately, it has been surpassed by two suspension bridges in a relatively short period of time. First the one in Portugal, and in the summer of 2022 the bridge in Dolní Morava in Czechia. Markéta enjoyed walking on the bridge in the beautiful autumn colors.

“Raiffeisen Skywalk”, Sattel Hochstückli

Photo credit: Lucie P.

The 374 m long suspension bridge (again one of the longest in Europe) rises 58 m above the wild and romantic Lauitobel River.


Photo credit: Daniela

It seems that I’m probably the only one who hasn’t been to the Triftbrücke suspension bridge in Gadmen, where you can see the unfortunately fast disappearing Trift glacier. The bridge is 170 meters long and was first built in 2004, but was replaced by a new, safer bridge in 2009. Photo sent by Daniela.

Handeckfallbrücke (also Handeggfall), Guttannen

Photo credit: Míša

This 70-meter-long suspension bridge over the Aare River is located right at the valley station of the famous Gelmerseebahn funicular in the Berner Oberland.

Bhutan Brücke

This suspension bridge over the Illbach River near Leuk connects the German and French-speaking parts of the canton of Wallis. It is 134 meters long and was built and opened in 2005 in cooperation with the Kingdom of Bhutan and features Bhutanese prayer flags.

Hängebrücke Fürgangen – Mühlebach, Goms

Photo credit: Tereza

The suspension bridge, open all year round, is accessible not only for pedestrians but also for cyclists. Built and opened in the summer of 2015, it is 280 meters long and 1.40 meters wide and connects the two hiking areas of Bellwald and Ernen as well as the Rottenweg and Gommer Höhenweg trails. It also offers Bellwald a connection to the cantonal Gletsch-Lake Geneva cycle path.

Hängebrücke Milibach

One of the most recently built suspension bridges (only opened on 16 June 2022!) was built over the Milibach River. It is 260 meters long, 65 meters above the ground, and connects the villages of Eischol and Unterbach in the canton of Wallis. Its “signature” is the observation platform in the middle of the bridge, from which you can enjoy the unique scenery.

Hängebrücke von Niouc/Pont de Niouc

The Pont de Niouc is one of the highest suspension bridges in Europe as it spans the Val d’Anniviers at 190 meters. Built in 1922 to transport water through the sewers, it is now a popular bungee jumping spot. There is a fee of 5 francs to cross it.

Hängebrücke Jolischlucht

Photo credit: Míša

This suspension bridge over the Jolisschlucht gorge on the hiking trail from Raron to Niedergesteln is only 24 meters long. It was built in 2005 and connects the southern ramp of the Lötschberg to Niedergesteln.

Sagenbord Klosters

Photo Credit: Jana

This 44-meter-long suspension bridge over the Landquart River is located in the canton of Graubünden, in the Prättigau region, just outside Klosters. As Jana wrote to me, there is a beautiful loop along the river, barbecue facilities, and peace and quiet.

Hängebrücke Grub

Photo credit: Jana

On the border between the cantons of St. Gallen and Appenzell Ausserrhoden, you can walk across the 180-meter-long suspension bridge over the Mattenbach River from 2019. The highest point of the bridge is about 40 meters above the gorge.

Hängebrücke Aletschgletscher, Belalp-Riederalp

I got a tip from Tereza about this suspension bridge, but unfortunately, there was no one who could send me a photo. Do you have one? Will you send it? I’d love it! 🙂

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