17 Best Alpine Coasters in Switzerland

Riding on alpine or mountain (as you wish) coasters is a nice “side” activity when you want to motivate the kids with a reward after a hike. And they love it! So once again I thought I would ask my readers and followers to contribute to a new post “from you to you” and send me tips on the best mountain coasters in Switzerland. I’ve added the ones we’ve tried, plus a map so you can see them all in one place. If you have tips for others, feel free to send them to me (with a photo if possible 🙂 ).

Alpine coaster/Mountain coaster/Toboggan run or just Rodelbahn

In German, you can find alpine coasters or toboggan runs under the name Rodelbahn or Sommerrodelbahn. There are basically two types of coasters: a coaster with rail-guided tracks and a free-sliding toboggan. On a rail-guided coaster, the bottom of the seat is attached to the rail, so the seats, which usually have a backrest and seatbelt, cannot leave the coaster spontaneously. On the second type, the seats move freely on a metal half-pipe slide and are not attached to anything. Forget the seat belt.

As Petra writes: “We ride mainly on the ones on rails, the sliding ones are really dangerous, so we avoid those.” I share Petra’s opinion.

Either way, both types are equipped with a handbrake to control your speed. The brake is either one stick between your feet or two bars on either side.

Riding with kids

Each mountain coaster has its own rules regarding the minimum height and age of kids. Usually, children over 3 years old can ride with an adult (or an accompanying person over 8 or 12 years old). Kids aged 8 and over can usually ride on their own. On some rides, you pay for each person even if you both fit on one seat, on some rides you only pay for the ride (or only the adult/accompanying person pays).


Each track also has visibly displayed rules of the ride and instructions on how to behave during the ride. There are usually signs on the track warning you to slow down in sharp turns. In most cases, it is forbidden to take photos or videos during the ride for safety reasons. Please be smart and follow the rules 😉

Map of alpine coasters

17 Best alpine coasters in Switzerland

1. Rodelbahn Oeschinensee

Although we go to Oeschinensee almost every year, I have only one photo from the mountain coaster dating back to 2016 🙂 The disadvantage of this track is that you need a return ticket for the cable car (30 CHF/adult) to reach the mountain coaster. However, the fit among you can opt for the hike from Kandersteg (Bergweg zum Oeschinensee). Tickets for the mountain coaster are cheaper if you head here before 11:30am. As the track may be closed in bad weather, I don’t recommend buying tickets online in advance.

Type: slide

Track length: 750 m


Photo credit: josr

2. Fräkmüngegg – Fräkigaudi

The Fräkigaudi at Fräkmüntegg is the longest summer toboggan run in Switzerland with its 1,350 meters. One ride is not enough! 🙂

Type: slide

Track length: 1,350 m


3. Alpine Coaster Glacier 3000

Once you go to a touristy destination like Glacier 3000, you definitely need to try all the activities that the place has to offer. And that includes the world’s highest situated toboggan run, where you can go at speeds of up to 40km/h.

Type: rail-guided

Track length: 935 m


4. Sommerrodelbahn Brunni (Engelberg)

Engelberg Brunni is simply a paradise for families! In addition to the toboggan run, there are other playgrounds and picnic areas.

Type: slide

Track length: 660 m


5. Rodelbahn Pfingstegg (Grindelwald)

Amazing views along the slide, but you always need to be careful of your speed when driving on the winding track. Definitely take advantage of the better deals and pay for 6 or 10 rides at a lower price! There are also free lockers here to store your belongings.

Type: slide

Track length: 725 m


6. Sommer-Rodelbahn Schwarzsee

For safety reasons, a very suitable track for children at a reasonable price. Moreover, in a beautiful environment.

Type: rail-guided

Track length: 1,000 m (including the lift to the beginning of the track)

Website (only in DE & FR)

7. Rodelbahn Heimwehfluh Interlaken

It is a fairly short track on which kids from the age of 6 can ride on their own (kids up to the age of 7 who ride as a passenger in the front ride for free).

Type: rail-guided

Track length: 400 m


8. Adventure Park Monte Tamaro

I got a tip from Andrea and Eliska about a toboggan run the canton of Ticino. Apparently, you can go at speeds of up to 50 km/h on this track.

Type: rail-guided

Track length: 800 m


Photo credit: Andrea D.

9. Moléson-sur-Gruyères

I got a tip from Tereza about the toboggan run Moléson-sur-Gruyères in the canton of Fribourg.

Type: rail-guided

Track length: 800 m


Photo credit: Tereza

10. Rodelbahn Gurten

Only Katka had to remind me of the toboggan run we have not far from us. Gurten is a “city n hill” close to the Swiss capital and offers countless activities (not only) for families with kids.

Type: slide

Track length: 500 m


11. Rodelbahn FLOOMZER Flumserberg

I got this tip about the toboggan run from Petra, but Andrea also recommends it. It’s another place where you can use the “early bird ticket” – if you arrive before 10:00, you can benefit from the cheaper price of the tickets.

Type: rail-guided

Track length: 2,000 m


12. Pradaschier Churwalden

Here’s another tip from Petra, this time in the canton of Graubünden, and not just any tip: with a length of 3,060 metres, it’s the longest alpine coaster in Switzerland!

type: rail-guided

Track length: 3,060 m


Photo credit: Sabrina

13. Toboggan Géant de La Vue-des-Alpes

In the mountain pass on the way from Neuchâtel to La Chaux-de-Fonds you will find a toboggan run, which I got a tip from Tereza again.

Type: slide

Track length: 700 m


14. Rodelbahn Atzmäning

I got a tip from Andrea and Ivana about a toboggan run in the canton of St. Gallen. Besides the track, there is a whole range of other activities such as the Spatz Männi theme trail, a rope park, trampolines, a small zoo, electric cars, etc.

Type: slide

Track length: 700 m


15. Kronberg Bobbahn

Ivana recommends this toboggan run in Appenzell. The advantage is definitely that you can ride two on one ticket and there is also an “early bird ticket” (until 10:30).

type: rail-guided

Track length: 1,000 m


16. Rodelbahn Solarbob Langenbruck

Jozef recommends the only toboggan run in the world lift elevator is powered by solar energy and which is operated in an energy-neutral way. Add to that the twisty turns on the track, a tunnel, free speed check, and a rope park!

Type: slide

Track length: 760 m


17. Feeblitz Rodel-Bobbahn Saas-Fee

Petra recommends the alpine coaster in Saas-Fee. The steepest lift (55% gradient) will take you to one of the highest-situated Alpine toboggan runs, which promises pure adrenaline. Katka enjoyed it with her kids too!

Type: rails

Track length: 900 m


So, have you chosen where to head for the adrenaline rush? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this post to let your friends know about it too.

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