DIY: Fall decoration – Glitter acorns

As Google has been reminding me since morning with its cute animation, today is the first day of fall, so it is high time to tune our apartment into fall vibes. And it wouldn´t be me if I didn´t make any fall decorations myself…

Candle holder with glitter acorns

Again, I was inspired by Pinterest, where I found a tutorial how to decorate acorns using glitter powder. It’s so simple. All you need are acorns, glitter powder (preferably in seasonal colors), glue and a paintbrush. Well, but what to do next with glitter acorns? I decided to make large autumn candle holder, so I have also needed little pine cones, chestnuts, an Ikea vase and small candleholder with a fall motif. Well, and of course a small candle 🙂

Step by step tutorial

1. Brush the glue to the acorn.

2. Applying glitter: unlike the tutorial on Pinterest, where it is written that glitter should be applied by brush, I suggest “dye” the acorns into glitter powder or gently sprinkle the glitter on them.

Do not worry – even if the glue is white after drying is clear and the glitter color becomes more intense.

Also, I recommend to pick acorns with their stems – it is then easier to hold and work with them.

3. Since there left a lot of glitter powder on the plate, I decided to mix all the colors together and repeat the process on small pine cones. Because I wanted only a subtle hint of glitter, this time I was applying glitter with a brush.

4. I filled the Ikea glass vase with acorns and pine cones together with chestnuts and on the top I placed a little candleholder with fall motif.
5. Finally, I put in a small cup with a candle. And here is the result:


Decorated Clay Pots

Two small flower pots from the beginning of this post, I was not making now, but about ten years ago, so I do not have any detailed photo documentation of their creation. However, the base consists of: a small clay pot, polystyrene to fill the interior, sisal fiber, various synthetic autumn decorations (berries, chestnuts, leaves, pumpkins …) and of course glue.


Do you like my fall decorations?

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