My first Herbstlauf in Burgdorf

At the end of the season, I decided to take part in the run “Herbstlauf” in Burgdorf. Maybe you think I was already writing about a run in Burgdorf. You are not far from the truth – it was Burgdorfer Stadtlauf, a run that led through the streets of this beautiful town. The “Autumn Run in Burdorf” goes somewhere else, rather around Burgdorf. I thought it was a bit of a symbolic one – I started with sixteen-kilometer run at the beginning of the season at the Grand Prix von Bern, I would finish the season with a 16km run in Burgdorf. In addition, we will run in an environment that we know so familiarly. I was looking forward to it. When my husband, two days before the race, said I should win the “home-field” run, I laughed out loud. But finally, the result was not bad.

And was going on in my mind during the run?

At the start: looking at how little participants we are (compared to the Grand Prix von Bern, really just a handful), I’m getting into the panic mode that everyone else is going to be faster and my name will be mud when I finish as the last one.

  1. kilometer: I’m running out at a quite quick pace. Short after the start I have family support there, so I have to look like I’m running lightly and enthusiastically.
  2. kilometer: I begin to realize that I’m running too fast. I can´t definitely keep up the pace 4:40.
  3. kilometer: First climb. Even though I’m determined to run it up, it just doesn´t work. When I´m running downhill to catch the lost seconds, I know with certainty that it’s not good and I have my “favorite” crisis. Just like in August at Emmenlauf, I think I will have to run behind the bush to throw up. But it is not possible – there is no bush at sight because we run between the fields. I’m pulling my headphones off my ears because I’m really not in the mood for listening to Lady Gaga.
  4. kilometer: Fortunately, here is a refreshment station, and those few gulps of water help me a bit.
  5. kilometer: In Bütikofen we turn to Wys hof and I’m waiting for an old friend. Don´t think of any handsome man. The one I´m talking about is winged and it’s probably a buzzard. It’s his habit, whenever I run around, it flies around my ear, then sit on the branch of the nearest tree, wait until I get over it and then does the same. Whiiiizzzzz. And all this is repeated five times before I run out of his “raion”. Please do not laugh, it’s not a pleasant experience at all. But luckily it was nowhere to see. I’m wondering if my friend Sylwia, who runs around here and has the same experience with this evil fellow, isn´t attacked by it (Sylwia ran a lot in front of me, and as she confided later, the buzzard really didn´t let her run in peace),
  6. kilometer: It’s all good, only ten remains!
  7. kilometer: After a nice run on the flat tarmac road, there is again climbing along the forest path. And I slow down again into the brisk walk. Why not? The other pant in an attempt to run, but it comes to me that I walk faster than they run. And I can at least breathe a little.
  8. kilometer: My thoughts are going on about what I’m about to write on my blog about this run.
  9. kilometer: I do not know why, but I´m starting translating all the sentences I have in my head into German. Should I use the past simple or perfect? I´m going out of my mind.
  10. kilometer: We’re out of the woods and I’m ready to go run faster since there is a downhill. But suddenly, a strong head-wind rises. Like now? Seriously?
  11. kilometer: I’m starting to feel my Achilles tendon.
  12. kilometer: In addition to Achilles tendon, I have a knee pain. I think I definitely can´t mention it at home where I could await these questions: “Why are you doing this at all? Is it really worth it?”
  13. kilometer: After refreshment, we are heading towards the last climb. And yes, I walk again. Fortunately, I’m not the only one.
  14. kilometer: I’m beginning to feel sorry I did not try and run faster.
  15. kilometer: The wooden bridge in sight, the euphoria comes to me that it will be soon over.
  16. kilometer: The euphoria is fading, since I realize the horror that the last kilometer is a boring monotone flat stretch that I don´t like. I walk again. On the flat stretch? I’m crazy or what? One of the runners overtakes me so I force my will to run at the snail´s pace towards the finish line. Here I welcome Sylwia with the words “Never more”!
Never more! Really? 😉

Well, after a couple of pictures together, after finding out that I ended up fourth in our category (which was really surprising), and after few gulps of the good Czech beer (as a reward :)), I thought I would run again next year!

Foto: Marek Stankala


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