Skiing with kids: Sörenberg

Our ski trip to Sörenberg will be remembered forever as the first time we were skiing together as a family. It was not just that one parent would stay at the children’s lift and the other would go skiing alone for a while. We’ve just been skiing “as one man”.

Sörenberg – getting there

Sörenberg is located in the Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve in the canton of Lucerne. By car, you can get here in about an hour and a quarter from Bern, an hour and a half from Zurich, and an hour from Lucerne. There are several parking lots in the village; the sooner you arrive, the better. When we arrived, the parking lot at the valley station of the Rossweid cable car was already occupied, and we had to park further at the local indoor pool. Next time, we will drive to the car park Sörenberg-Platz at the chairlift station.

You must take the train to Schüpfheim by public transport, then the yellow bus “Postauto”, line 241, to Sörenberg, Post. Cross the road, and after about 100 meters, you will be at the cable car’s valley station to Rossweid.

Sörenberg ski area plan

It is not difficult to orientate in the plan of interconnected ski slopes. For your convenience, I highlighted the lifts we used during our skiing. Sometimes, taking a T-lift to get to Rossweid was even faster than waiting for a parallel gondola lift.

Update 2023: Prices of ski passes can be found on the website. 10% discount on children’s tickets: When purchasing a children’s ticket in combination with an adult ticket, a 10% discount will be deducted from the price of each children’s ticket. The opening of the new Brienzer Rothorn aerial cableway will take place on December 16, 2023


At Sörenberg, you will find mostly blue and red slopes, which even our little one has managed. That is not to say that five days at the Adelboden Ski School had some miraculous effects on her and she has become a skier par excellence. But the slopes on Sörenberg are simply beautiful, wide and not somehow sneaky, tricky and dangerous. And when we were here, the conditions for skiing were almost ideal.

But I almost fainted when our little girl, after a few rides without falling, was overflowing with self-confidence and said that her dad, who was ahead of her, was not doing the “curves” well and rode down the red ski slope straightforwardly to catch up with her brothers. She had, of course, taken on a crazy speed, which, fortunately, had been able to slow down in the last second. But I had a death in my eyes instead (and my husband then admitted he had too).

S*it happens 😀

Kinderland Rossweid

The magic carpet and rope lift give beginners the opportunity to make their first ski or snowboard attempts. These facilities are available to everyone free of charge.


At the lifts, you will find nice restaurants with terraces to enjoy the winter sun and something good to eat. E.g. Restaurant Rossweid, Skihütte Schwändi or Skihütte Schwarzenegg.

Sörenberg in summer: children’s playground and theme trail Mooraculum

We visited Sörenberg twice, but it was always in the summer. Here, you will find a beautiful playground with water elements, a short theme trail, and plenty of picnic areas.

And what about you? Have you been skiing in Sörenberg? Did you like it here?

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