Hirschpark Langenthal

On Saturday, we went on a short trip to the nearby town of Langenthal. On the edge of the hill Hinterberg, there is a minizoo, respectively. wild animal feast. On an area of 30,000 square meters, around 80 animals live freely in their large pens.

In the beautiful fall afternoon, it was a pleasant walk, which was mainly enjoyed by kids. Because the local wild animals are used to small visitors, they were willing to let themselves pet over the fence, stretching the nose curious, if have some goodies for them.
So gradually the kids got acquainted with, for example, ponies and donkeys, wild pigs, deer and goats, Sika deer and European deer. He roared a few times so heavily that the kids thought it was a roar of a tiger 🙂
I have always thought that the deer are shy animals, but this fallow deer female was so tame that she let the kids pet her nose.

So if you want to take your kids for a short fall walk in, sure come here!

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Hana Hurábová

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