12 (not only Swiss) picnic essentials

I have several times mentioned in my posts, that here in Switzerland you can find so called “Feuerstelle”(places for barbecue) very often as a common part of hiking trails. We also like to plan our trips so we could roast something good and tasty for lunch. Experience has taught me what is good to take on such a “genuine Swiss picnic”, and this list I would now like to share with you.

And what includes our must-haves list?

1. Sausages

The local ones are called “cervelas” but unlike traditional Czech sausages we don´t find them so convenient for roasting – they have almost no fat and it takes long to roast them. We rather prefer little sausages that are quickly done (nothing is as annoying as impatient hungry kids :)). We buy local “Berner mini wurstel” (wrapped in bacon), chipolatas or white “Nuremberg” sausages. But we’ve seen the locals roasting and skewers, shrimp or so. Schlangenbrot (dough wound up on a stick)

2. Bread

Preferably fresh and pre-sliced at home

3. Mustard or ketchup

We take both 🙂

4. Vegetables

Sliced cherry tomatoes, radishes or cucumber are our favorites

5. Chips

Despite some healthy baby food advocates having frowning brow and lifting warning finger, we discovered that without chips will not do any trip. Our children like those a la ‘pom-bar’ and we will let them have it with the peace of mind because they don´t definitely eat it every day.

6. Rivella

The original Swiss mineral water produced by the unchanged recipe since 1952, which contains herbal and fruit extracts and also whey. And it is related to another item, namely:

7. Plastic cups and paper plates

Except for the pads to put the sausages on, can also serve as great kindling 🙂

8. Paper napkins

and an old dish towel that can be used instead of cooking gloves

9. Aluminum barbecue trays

10. Tongs

For turning meat

11. Matches or lighter

Before the trip do not forget to check a number of matches in a box and filling in lighter;)

12. Victorinox

Multifunctional Swiss Army knife

You may be wondering where is the ax to prepare firewood with? It is not necessary at all. In most places are in fact “dustbins” similar to those in the picture, which contain wood and sometimes newspapers for kindling. Haven´t the Swiss made a good job here?
So what do you think of my list? Is there something you would add to it, or something you would cross out? I’ll be glad when you share your opinion in the comments bellow.
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Hana Hurábová

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  • Herrero
    20.4.2017 12:24

    Hi Hana!!!
    We dont take paper napkins, aluminum !!
    Better put everything in tuperware and take a cloth in stade of napkins better for nature !!!!
    Thanks for the tips !!!

    • Hi Itzi, thanks for commenting! I know the aluminum trays aren´t ideal for nature, but they have proven the most practical for our picnics (for tiny sausages, for skewered meat etc.). Of course we then recycle them in a proper way, don´t burn them in the fire 😉

  • […] You can find a fire pit with picnic tables next to the memory game behind the stream – there was firewood and an ax ready to use. Our kids love making a fire and roasting “cervelas”, and I don´t have to forget to pack all picnic essetials. […]

  • […] what snacks proved well for us). If you know that there is a picnic spot along your way, check my 12 picnic essentials to know what to pack. Kids seem a lot more interested in going for hikes if roasting sausages are […]


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