Rüeblitorte – Swiss carrot cake

Maybe I’m pretty annoying here with keep on talking again and again how I have been somewhere inspired by something. But the truth is that I am no genius, and I better do something someone had already successfully tried than experiment and get down to something unknown. Especially when it really matters to me, as it was with this traditional Swiss carrot cake.

And why did this so mattered to me? Because the cake has been dedicated not only to my loved one for his birthday but mainly for his Swiss colleagues! It all started about a week ago when my husband asked me if I could (as every year after all) prepare some snacks for his work. I still hadn´t had any idea what I was able to shine with when during the weekend my friend Pavlina sent me a photo of the cake that she baked for her husband’s birthday. And straight away she sent me a recipe. Well, the inspiration was suddenly here 🙂
Pavlina´s cake

It was a recipe for traditional Swiss carrot cake, which comes from the canton of Aargau and the first official recipe dates to 1892. *) Probably like with every “traditional” cake even here is a great variety and diversity of recipes (like here, here or here ), which, however, differ only slightly, mainly in the weight of ingredients used and the final decoration. I made this cake with lemon frosting and Pavlina (see photo above) sprinkled it with powdered sugar. But what should not be certainly omitted are the marzipan carrots. But maybe next time I’ll try to spread the cake with apricot jam until it is still warm (to close the “pores” incurred by baking and prevent a lemon icing to soak into the cake).

I baked the rüeblitorte according to this recipe, but I missed Kirschwasser. Now funny story: as I have never met this ingredient before in all my years of baking and because I am still not familiar with the knowledge of local life, I considered it to be only water from the cherry compote. When I was deciding if it is worth to open the whole compote jar because of only one spoon, I was advised by Pavlina (thanks!), that it is a cherry brandy mixed with water. So that is … (yes, I can vividly imagine how you are falling off the chair with laughter right now :))

Jubilant slices the cake

But on the other hand, I must immodestly say, that the cake turned out well. It was easy to make, and because we followed the recipe and ate it the next day, was beautifully smooth and soft. And it was apparently a success with the Swiss colleagues of my husband, which made me very happy.

And what about you? Do you have a favorite recipe for a cake? A have you ever baked something that really mattered to you? Share it in the comments bellow! I wish you a nice June 🙂

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*) http://www.kulinarischeserbe.ch/product.aspx?id=214

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