Hiking with kids: Grimmialp

I wanted to visit the Grimmialp area in the Diemtigtal nature park since our son came back from his school field trip last September and was excited about what he had experienced on the Grimmimutz children’s trail. Last Saturday we finally had a free day without any athletic races, football tournaments or my runs, so we set off to the mountains after quite a long time. However, the three-kilometer trail seemed to be a bit short for us, so we extended it to the mountain panorama trail. And it was worth it!

How to get there

The Grimmialp area is about 60 kilometers south of Bern. You drive ca 15 km through a picturesque valley in the Diemtigtal nature park. If you are like me and don´t like a lot of curves in combination with the rising altitudes, take the Kinedryl to prevent nausea. Or at least a bottle of Coke (it works great against my waves of nausea).

We left the car in the Sengiweid parking lot (just in front of the hotel Spillgerten), which is located just off the three-seater chairlift we were planning to use for the first phase of our trip. We paid a 5CHF parking fee for the whole day and headed for the chairlift station that you can see from the parking lot.

Grimmialp chairlift

The three-seater chairlift is open from the beginning of June until mid-October on weekends and public holidays from 10:00 to 16:00 (it runs only in good weather conditions, so check the website (here) before your trip.

I was pretty scared how we would handle the ride with our youngest, who can´t sit still for a long time. I have already seen the catastrophic scenarios of her falling down from the seat. So, therefore, I have given her to the care of my husband who has more strength to keep her. But my fears were odd – she was stuck to him (probably from fear) like a tick, so a relatively long ride took place without an accident.

The divine silence and the calm of the whole were interrupted only by the jingling of the cow bells from the pastures below us. On the top station, we checked once more the maps, and then we set off. I’ve highlighted our trail on the photos bellow.

Panorama Trail

Initially, the trail led through the slope into the forest. Our boys had the greatest experience when they could open and close the enclosures of the pastures through which the trail led.

I have admired the countless colorful meadow flowers for a change. Again, I was surprised that in the middle of June, it was spring at this altitude – one could see blossoming dandelions, primroses or violets (and many other colorful flowers, whose names I do not know because botany was not my favorite subject at school).

The trail also led over a peat bog, through which the iron springs flow (so the water you can see in the photos is reddish).

From a small mountain restaurant began a relatively steep descent, moreover, along with a path covered with fine stones, that was very easy to slip on. I missed a handrail that I could hold because it was a bit dangerous (euphemism). This part of the road was also accompanied by the sound of small waterfalls because the calm mountain streams changed in the torrents.

Grimmimutz Adventure Trail

Grimmimutz is a good-natured forest man who lives in Grimmialp since ancient times. In the winter, he helps the people by cutting wood, and people leave him something good to eat or warm socks in the forest. With his friend, Ogre Spillgert, they are telling stories to each other during stormy nights. And together they help to prevent the people of Grimmialp from the evil intentions of the Pepper witch and her husband Lothar.

During our hike, we got right in the middle of the Grimmimutz round trail. We decided to turn right and on this part of the trail, there were several fun play stations for children: “bowling”, climbing wall, water tower, zip line or a giant memory game.

Fire pit

You can find a fire pit with picnic tables next to the memory game behind the stream – there was firewood and an ax ready to use. Our kids love making a fire and roasting “cervelas”, and I don´t have to forget to pack all picnic essetials.


It was my son who showed me the small pond that we could see from the chairlift. From above it looked like a perfect turquoise gem. You can find the sign pointing to this water area at the beginning (or for us at the end) of the Grimmimutz adventure trail. It´s just 5-minutes walk. You´ll see the trouts swimming in the crystal clear water and you can relax here at the end of your hike.

My impressions

  • If you choose only the Grimmimutz trail for your trip, you´ll have to pay the admission fee here. Although part of the trail along the children’s trail is suitable for strollers, the whole trail we’ve managed is certainly not.
  • I was surprised how few other hikers we met, although the day was made for hiking trips.
  • The whole journey took us about 5 hours with all breaks for having snacks, taking pictures, playing on the Grimmimutz stations, roasting etc. (3 hours of net time, about 9 kilometers long and 500 meters decline).
  • I can say with certainty that I want to go back to the Diemtigtal National Park. Whether to explore other trails in the Wihrhorn area, or try skiing on the local slopes.

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