5 reasons to put “Flügerchilbi” on your family event calender

Flügerchilbi is a traditional annual event organized by the Segelflugruppe Oberaargau at the airport in Bleienbach near Langenthal. This event takes place every first Sunday in September and not only plane enthusiasts can enjoy a lot of fun here.

Getting there

Bleienbach Airport is about 40 minutes drive from Bern to Langenthal. Parking costs 3 francs and parking capacity is sufficient.

Admission to the event is voluntary, it is up to you how much you contribute.


1. Planes

As it is clear from the name of the event and the venue, this day is dedicated to the “steel birds” lovers (not only for them, of course 🙂 ). A lot of aircraft can be seen – starting with sophisticated and functional models, sailplanes, historic biplanes and “oldtimers”.

2. Program

You can admire exposed models and planes from 10 am. I really recommend coming here in the morning – there are not so many visitors here and you can take a look in peace.

After a good lunch, just sit down and direct your eyes to the sky. One can admire take-off of the aircraft, synchronized formations, aerobatic flying, parachutes, “sky painting” and much more.

3. Fun for kids

If the children had accidentally sore necks from constant stretching them towards the sky, a lot of activities are ready for them. For the littlest, there are slides and swings by the restaurant s’Flügerli or bouncy castle. The older ones can try trampoline jumping, driving electric cars or they can try sitting in the sailplane and try the luck in the raffle.

4. Good food and drink

In addition to traditional bratwurst and steaks with bread or French fries, you can taste Thai cuisine as well. There are also stalls with sweets, cotton candy, gingerbread and, of course, ice cream 🙂

5. Sightseeing flights

The big attraction was the possibility to fly as a passenger on Antonov’s historic plane or in the helicopter. Yes, here I have to be honest and admit that I haven´t tried any of these. Flying in a helicopter lured me, but I consider paying 75francs for 10-minute flight a bit pricey. The other option was a bit more “attractive” comparing the prize (100 francs for 40 minutes in the Antonov plane), but I wasn´t able to get rid of the fear that this historic aircraft was safe enough for me.

The “Flügerchilbi” grows year after year, thanks to the audience’s interest, and it is definitely worthwhile to go out here and enjoy a great day (of course, provided the weather is good;)). You can find a program of other events taking place at the local airport here.

And what about you? Have you ever been to “Flügerchilbi”? Would you recommend this event to others? Or do you have a tip for another event for the whole family? If so, write to me in the comments!

PS: Big thanks to Gabi for the recommendation!

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