US Veteran Cars & Bikes Meet Up

When we were in Geneva to visit Motor Show (about which I wrote here), we enjoyed mostly new cars and futuristic prototypes, but only a few exhibitors have presented historical models of their brand. But this Sunday we could wander in time into motoring history, particularly in America 1950s. And that was something!

Almost every single spare parking lot in the neighboring village was occupied by vintage cars. My husband and our sons set off in the morning when most fans were driving in and parking their metal darlings to reserved parking spaces (some companies were even instructed to leave their parking lots free and enable veterans to park there).

And what cars could they admire? The boys were excited when they saw the car that reminded them of “Tow Mater” of the famous American cartoon movie. To the perfection, it lacked only that the rear hook for towing was missing 🙂
My husband, on the contrary, admired the red Corvette, whose picture you could see at the top of this post. It was so polished that you could watch yourself like in the mirror (but you could do that indeed in all these cars).
Well, what we were both totally excited about, was not any vintage car, but it was K.I.T.T.? You do not know Kit? Really not? And what about Michael Knight? Also, does not ring a bell? So here’s a small clue:

Finally, a pair of Chevrolets. Which one do you like better – red or turquoise? And what about Chrysler Royal? Really big car. Actually, it seems to me that at that time, hardly any small cars were made. Or … well, wait for the end of this post (those impatient of you can straight scroll down directly ;))

And the soldiers seemed to have appeared here out of the American war film.

I almost forgot that it was also a rally of motorbikes, but we haven´t seen that much of them. Maybe we’ve actually seen more tattooed owners than machines.

And what about you? Would you like to ride an old-timer? Would you manage to drive it now in times of automatic shift gears?;)

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