Top 5 blooming spring trip destinations in Switzerland

We are lucky that, as in the Czech Republic, we can enjoy four seasons in Switzerland, each of which has its own charm. Probably the most anticipated, however, is spring, when everything finally begins to turn green and begin to bloom. From about mid-April, you can enjoy the flowering of crocuses, tulips, daffodils, and cherry trees in many places in Switzerland, and you can easily survive the period before the snow melts at higher altitudes and you can go for a hike to enjoy a wide variety of wild mountain flowers. So where are the top 5 places to go?

Tulip Festival in Morges

Every year since 1971, the Tulip Festival has been held in Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva in the town of Morges. The Tulip Festival lasts 6 weeks and this year takes place from 1 April to 9 May at the Parc de l’Indépendance, located between the Château de Morges and the La Morges River. In the park, several dozen species of tulips are planted, which bloom gradually and are planted to form different shapes.

Easter rose-filled fountains in Zurich

Over Easter, the Reformierte Kirche in Zurich will prepare 7 fountains, which are filled with rose flowers. The fountains are a total of 7 and are located on both banks of the Limmat River near the main tourist attractions of the Old Town (mainly churches). The goal and main idea is to bring color and hope to people’s lives in these times of uncertainty.

The daffodils at Les Prés-d’Orvin

Another place where you can enhance the arrival of spring is the area of Les Prés-d’Orvin above the village of Orvin in the Bernese Jura, about a 20-minute drive from Biel, which turns into one big yellow carpet with the arrival of spring, where millions of wild daffodils bloom. The route is 9.8 km long and of course, no one will tell you exactly when the daffodils will bloom. If there is little snow in winter and a lot of suns in spring, the ideal time will be around mid-April.

The crocuses in Emmental

The village of Eggiwil in Emmental, about 40 km southeast of Bern, is known in the spring for being the starting point for hiking through the beautiful hilly landscape to Rämisgummenhoger and the Alp Rämisgummen where you will find meadows flooded with wild crocuses around mid-April. The flowering of crocuses depends very much on the weather and altitude, but in general, the wild crocuses on the Rämisgummen do not start to bloom until the beginning of mid-April.

Cherry Trees in Jurapark Aargau

The route starts in the small village of Gipf-Oberfrick in northern Switzerland, which lies almost in the middle of the road between Basel and Zurich. The shorter route between the cherry orchards measures 4 kilometers and is suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. The best time to visit is from about mid-April to mid/end of May, but of course, it depends on the weather in that year.

Of course, there are many other beautiful places in Switzerland that are worth visiting in the spring. You will also find several more on this blog. Anyway, I’ll be happy if you send me your tips for favorite spring trips. Beautiful spring to all!

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