Biking: Burgäschisee

Even though Burgäschisee is considerably smaller than the famous Swiss lakes, it is still the largest in the canton of Solothurn. The scenic nature and idyllic atmosphere on its banks are definitely worthwhile choosing it as your destination for your next bike ride.


In this biking trip, I managed to ride part of the third leg of trail Nr.34 Alter Bernerweg (the whole length of the leg is 43km and leads from Burgdorf to Oftringen – more here).

Start and finish: Kirchberg (BE)

Total length: 33km

Conditions: easy; The trail leads through flat land (asphalt roads) between the villages outside the main streets (you don´t have to worry about the traffic, only a few cars overtook me in the lump). Along the way you will see a lot of livestock grazing on countless meadows around the roads, so you can still learn in zoology, in addition to enjoying local nature and traditional Swiss rural architecture 🙂


History of the place

As the name suggests, once a castle stood here (“Burg” means a castle in German). From the information board in front of the Seeblick restaurant, I learned that the castle was built around 1100 and was surrounded by water on its three sides. But it was destroyed quite early, already in 1332 under the so-called Gümmenkrieg (one of the “wars” between Bern and Friborg). It was never again restored.

Nevertheless, the history of this area dates back to a few millennia, when it was settled by prehistoric hunters and gatherers. The remains of their estates were found more than a hundred years ago on the northern shore of the lake. The photo below shows a prehistoric farmhouse where farm animals were farmed and the land around was cultivated. More stops of the “Prehistoric Trails” can be found in nearby villages (map here).

On the northern shore of the lake, you will find picturesque corners where you can relax and enjoy the view of clean water and waterfowl.

During the summer season, you can rent a boat here (10CHF per 1/2hour).

The lake is a protected natural area and there is a ban on making a fire.

Strandbad – Bath

Entering here reminds you of the swimming baths like in the good old days, including the shabby wooden changing rooms. Off season the entry is, provided you buy some snacks in the kiosk. During the season there is a 6CHF entry fee for adults, 3CHF for children.

There is also a children’s playground next to the grassy beach, next to it is a small paddling pool. Behind the hedge, you can find a beach volleyball court.

Burgäschi strandbad children´s playground

You can enter the lake either through the steps or jump from the diving board. Here is a separate section for non-swimmers.


On the spot: Kiosk at the swimming pool offers refreshments in form of various types of sausages, soft drinks, alcohol, sandwiches and ice cream. On the other hand, I´d say Restaurant Seeblick is for more demanding clientele.

On the trail: you can make a pleasant stop at the Café Fischer in Ersigen or at Gasthof Löwen in the nearby village of Niederösch.

Burgäschisee Restaurant Seeblick

Walking around the lake

If you take a walk around the lake, you´ll come across tiny nature “beaches”, as well as fire pits for your family pick-nick.

My recommendations

  • As I wrote above, the trail runs along local roads with sparse traffic. Still, I would prefer to take a family bike ride with older children (or those who have completed a course on cycling in road traffic).
  • The only a bit dangerous crossing with the main road was in front of Koppigen.
  • There is no train connection on the route as on our previous trips to Solothurn or along the Emme river (if you would find the route too long and you wanted to shorten it).

And what about you? Have you already tried this route? What were your impressions? Tell me in the comments!

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Hana Hurábová

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  • That’s close to our home :)!
    It really is a nice place. Don’t forget you can hire rowing boats in the summer, we do that a lot. Just check their opening hours on the internet.
    Also, as far as I know, you still need to pay an entrance fee for the strandbad. You’re okay to visit the kiosk for free, but officially you’re not allowed to enter the lawn.

    • Hi Maike, many thanks for your great tips – hiring rowing boat sounds good! When I was there, there was no one to collect the fee, so maybe it´s only in the high season?

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