Experience Ticino in a different way – at the Verkehrshaus der Schweiz transport museum

On the last Sunday in May, we were invited by the Ticino Turismo tourist office to the Verkehrshaus der Schweiz transport museum in Lucerne. You may ask why the representatives of the canton of Ticino sent us to the canton of Lucerne? The explanation is simple: in December 2020, the Ceneri Base Tunnel was fully opened. And its model is the new part of the exhibition as well as the interactive game in the Verkehrshaus transport museum. And we were invited to test this interactive game for you, which we were very happy to do 🙂

NOTE: This trip was a press trip sponsored by Ticino Turismo and Verkehrshaus der Schweiz. They invited us to try the interactive game “Abenteuer im Tessin” and enjoy #ticinomoments a little differently. All opinions are entirely my own. Thanks again very much for the invitation.

Verkehrshaus der Schweiz

Switzerland’s most visited museum is the place to learn about the history of road, rail, water and air transport, as well as the history of space travel. There’s a separate building dedicated to each branch of transport (and I’m not counting the outdoor exhibits), so you’ll agree with me that there’s a lot to see (and more importantly, experience!). Even if you spend the whole day here, it’s a museum that’s never boring! And it doesn’t matter what age you are – young and old alike will enjoy it. This is the fourth time we’ve been here, and we always discover something new that we haven’t had a chance to try before – you can read about our first visit in the blog post here.


By car: if you drive to the museum, enter Lidostrasse 5, 6006 Luzern in the navigation. There is a large parking lot right next to the museum (the parking meter is next to the gift shop when you exit the museum).

By public transport: if you come to Lucerne by train, like we did (thanks SBB 🙂 ), the best way to get to the museum is by bus lines 6, 8 or 24 to the Verkehrshaus stop. Or at the station, you can change to the next train (line S3) and take it to Lucerne Verkehrshaus station. Alternatively, you can also take a boat trip on the lake (current timetables here) or you can take a stroll (about 30 minutes along the lake promenade).

Opening hours and entrance fees

The museum is open every day – in summer from 10 am to 6 pm, in winter from 10 am to 5 pm.

Admission is 32 francs for adults and 14 francs for children aged 7-16. Children under the age of 6 accompanied by their parents can enter the museum free of charge.

At the museum, you can have up to a 20 % discount on admission if you are a member of the Coop Hello Family Club, if you come by SBB train or if you are a member of the TCS Touring Club Schweiz.

Visiting the museum

People usually visit museums in bad weather. But I dare say that the Transport Museum is one of the museums worth going to even if the weather is nice. First of all, it will be a lot less crowded, and you can enjoy the interactive stations inside without waiting and queuing, but the Verkehrshaus also offers plenty of outdoor activities.

Explore the canton Ticino

Ticino is always worth a visit. Its warmer weather and Mediterranean feel make it a popular destination pretty much from the spring months onwards, when visitors from the German-speaking part of Switzerland love to travel there for their spring or Easter holidays or the Ascension long weekend. You can find several posts about Ticino on my blog, links to be find at the end of this one.

Even faster to Ticino thanks to the Ceneri Base Tunnel

The Ceneri base tunnel is 15.4 km long and makes it possible to be in Lugano from Zurich in less than two hours (more precisely, in 1 hour 53 minutes without changing trains), making Ticino from Zurich basically around the corner and more accessible even for a day trip. It also makes transfers between Bellinzona, Locarno, Lugano and Mendrisio easier and quicker. The journey between Locarno and Lugano now takes just 30 minutes instead of the previous 50 minutes.

In addition to the 1:1,000 scale model of the Gotthard Foot Tunnel, a 1:1,000 scale model of the Ceneri Tunnel is now on display in the museum’s railway hall.

Interactive game “Abenteuer im Tessin” (Adventures in Ticino)

To play the interactive game “Abenteuer im Tessin”, you need to download the Verkehrshaus app to your smart phone (the app is currently only available in German, so your smartphone must be set to German before downloading the app)

  1. select “Verkehrshaus Play” from the menu in the top left corner
  2. click on “Abenteuer im Tessin”
  3. the app will ask you to enter the activation code – they will tell you this at the museum ticket office or at the info stand (it’s “ticino”, but pssst, I didn’t tell you anything 😉 )
  4. you enter what your team name will be and then you just start answering questions and looking for codes hidden in various places in the museum.
  5. If you successfully reach the end of the game, you still have to figure out the password, which will then get you a small gift at the gift shop.

Lunch at Brasserie Verkehrshaus

In the middle of the game the kids were tired, so we took a break and accepted an invitation to lunch at Brasserie Verkehrshaus. As of Monday, May 31, all restaurants can open indoors. We didn’t make it in time for this date, but as the weather was beautiful, we didn’t mind enjoying our lunch on the terrace.


  • As I wrote in the introduction, don’t be afraid to visit the Transport Museum even in good weather. It’s definitely worth it.
  • The interactive game “Abenteuer im Tessin” is more for school-age children who can already read the instructions/questions for the game. But believe me, even smaller kids will enjoy looking for hidden codes and the joy afterward is priceless 🙂 I would say the game itself can take an hour or two of pure time.
  • Our program at the museum was very busy not only because of the game. Apart from lunch, we managed to visit the Lindt Chocolate Adventure, but I definitely want to come back sometime so we can visit other parts of the museum we haven’t been to yet: the Media World, the Planetarium and the Filmtheater, where visitors can watch documentaries on the biggest movie screen in Switzerland.

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