5 how how to learn the language

Living abroad: 5 ways how to learn the language

Once, at the end of fifth grade, I vowed to myself to never never never learn German! At that time I had been learning German for three years and the language hadn´t grown on me. But as fate would have it, I was two years ago, I had to start learning German again. And to my great astonishment, this language doesn´t sound so awful as ever, and I love learning it. This is called the paradoxes of life, I believe. So in my today´s post, you will learn 5 ways how to learn the local language, if you live in a country whose language you don´t speak.

1. Integration courses for foreigners

Try to ask at your local municipality or community center, if they organize such courses. If so, it may be that they will be subventioned and the prize for one lecture won´t be so high.
I was lucky that we have such a course in our village. It was great for the beginning of “making friendship” with German. They also offer babysitting, which is great because kids can learn the language too by playing. And of course, I met there a bunch of inspiring ladies from literally all over Europe (Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Macedonia…) and also other interesting parts the world (Sri Lanka, India, Ghana, Costa Rica…). I still attend this course, although my level of German is now higher as that is being taught there. But I love meeting those ladies and there is always chance that I learn something new.

2. Organizations offering further education

There are surely in your neighborhood educational institution, that offer e.g. courses in computers, presentation & communication skills or other vocational courses. I´m sure they will offer language courses too.

3. Corporate courses

Try to ask your employer if he offers language courses as a fringe benefit. Maybe they organize them on their premises and have hired teachers on their own, maybe they have a contract with some of the local language schools and offer you a reduced fee.

4. Language schools

Search the internet and try to find as many language schools as possible. Spend some time and check the reviews of former students. The quality of language schools can differ and like with many other things: the highest prize doesn´t have to ensure the highest quality of language education.

5. Private courses

There are lots of freelance language teachers and also, in this case, follow my point 4. Check, compare, try to find the best solution.
(by the way, my husband is very satisfied with his current teacher, Frau Annette :))*

Beside above-mentioned ways, try also as much as possible listening to the radio, watching movies, talking to the locals, reading newspapers (blogs/comments on Instagram etc.)

And what about you? Have you ever been forced to learn a foreign language? What have helped you most? Tell me in the comments bellow!

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*) this is not a sponsored post, but if it were, I wouldn´t be angry 😉

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