20 photos that make you start planning a trip to Thun

Only three Swiss towns have captured my heart. Besides Bern and Solothurn, it’s also Thun. I remember when we were here for the first time about a month after our arrival. My husband, who was here before, tried to “show” in the misty and foggy December weather that there are beautiful mountain panoramas behind those clouds. All I could do was just nodding and saying: “When you say so, that’s probably true.”

Anyway, since then, we’ve been to Thun several times. Yes, it was “thanks” to ice hockey tournaments of our sons (how else 🙂 ), but I also took my parents here, and I have also taken part been twice in the Thuner Stadtlauf run (last year the run even took place on my birthday, which has made my “bond” to Thun even stronger 🙂 ).

So today’s post is a photo guide of a town that is a bit in the shadow of its most famous neighbor from the opposite shore of Lake Thun. Yes, I mean “Interlaken”. Thun is far quieter and more enjoyable. DonÂŽt you believe? Come and convince yourself!

Town centre

Thun is spread on both banks of the Aare River, which flows from Thun Lake and continues to Bern.

Obere SchleusenbrĂŒcke

There are several bridges across the Aare River, but two are perhaps best known. The covered wooden bridges Obere SchleusenbrĂŒcke and Untere SchleusenbrĂŒcke, which are covered in pink and purple flowers in summer.

“The Swiss Pyramid” Niesen (2,362 m)

Untere SchleusenbrĂŒcke

This 300-year old bridge is located right in the center of Thun. Sometimes here you can see surfers who are surfing the waves that make up the river here (if you donÂŽt believe me, look at the pictures in my post about Thuner Stadtlauf!)

River bank

In beautiful weather, the river bank resembles the spa promenade. People catch the warm sunrays in the river cafes and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.

Obere Hauptgasse

The historic center of the town is the split-level, flag-bedecked Obere Hauptgasse, whose arcades hide boutiques, galleries, and restaurants.


Obere Hauptgasse opens onto the cobblestone Rathausplatz square, centered on a fountain, framed by arcaded buildings and, as the name suggests, the Rathaus, the town hall.


Sitting on a hilltop, Schloss Thun (built in 1190) crowned by a riot of turrets is the castle of your fairy-tale dreams. Today it houses a museum.

Day trips from Thun

Since Thun is a relatively small town and you will make your tour in a while, I recommend taking trips to the surroundings, which is no less interesting. Here are my 5 tips (the first three links are “clickable” – you get a more detailed description of the trip clicking on the headline):

Taking a cruise on Lake Thun

Comfort, relax, breathtaking views, turquoise blue water, natural baths and castles on the lakeshore. That’s just a few reasons to take a cruise on Lake Thun.


The 2,190 meter high peak is characterized by its “angular” shape, which is recognizable among other peaks creating a panorama around Thun.

St. Beatus Höhlen – St. Beatus caves

Take bus no. 21 from Thun Train Station to the stalactite caves of St. Beatus. This Christian hermit – from the UK – drove the dragon out of the cave and settled himself here.

Schadau Park

From this park on the shore of the lake you will have a beautiful view of the mountains. In the park there is a 19th century mansion and also Wocher Panorama – a giant panorama passing through the inner wall of a cylindrical building and depicting the everyday life of Thun at the beginning of the 19th century.

Schloss Oberhofen

The shores of Lake Thun are lined with castles and mansions accessible to the public. A few kilometers from Thun on the north shore of the lake you will find the 13th-century Schloss Oberhofen with a beautiful garden. And of course with a beautiful view of the lake and the mountains. Other historic sites include the Schloss Hönneg or the nearby Spiez castle.

So what do you say? Have you already started to plan your trip to Thun? Or have you already been here? What did you like about Thun? Tell me in the comments!

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