Hiking with kids: Murmeli Trail in Lenk + 3 tips nearby

“I don’t want to go to the mountains!”

When getting ready for a trip to the mountains (which you are looking forward to, by the way) starts with this statement, it looks like you are getting into big troubles. All the more so because this statement didn’t come out of the mouth of your offspring (who is almost impossible lately to motivate for the hike without having millions of stupid arguments why they don’t want to go – see our recent hike to the former sandstone quarry in Krauchthal), but from the mouth of my friend’s son who was visiting with her family.

Thus, the number of pre-adolescent offsprings in one place has doubled, threatening to double the pain in the parents’ ass bottom before even leaving the house. Fortunately, the only slight hint of defiance had been nipped in the bud, and without any major fuss, we headed towards the Berner Oberland to enjoy the Murmeli-Trail trail in Lenk.

If you read my blog regularly, you know that the Murmeli-Trail (the trail of marmots), is on my list of 10 Theme trails in the Bern region. I planned to do this hike last year, but we haven’t got to do it.

And you certainly haven´t missed the fact that we were skiing in Lenk, on his “home” mountain Betelberg, in winter. That’s why I was very curious about how it looks in the summer.

Practical information

Lenk is a small village at 1,068 m.a.s.l. in the Simme River Valley, about 84km from Bern. If you go by car (the journey from Bern takes just over an hour), parking is available in a parking house right next to the Betelberg valley station.

The operating hours of the cable car during this summer season (08.06.2019 – 20.10.2019) are from 8:30, the last ride to the valley is at 17:00. More info here.

As an exclusive offer for Famigros members, during the summer season 2019, the family day pass at the Betelberg Lenk for the whole family (parents and their children until the 18th birthday) is available for CHF 60.-

Experience cable car ride

In twelve thematically decorated gondolas, the cow Mona, the goat Flöckli and the Murmeli Moritz tell of their adventurous everyday life on the alp (available in the dialect and French).

Which one is the Mona?

Children’s playground at Leiterli Station

You will probably have a problem to force the kids to go on the Murmeli Trail because they will be immediately captivated by the playground at the top of the cable car. Like “Mom, you really won’t get me out of that bouncy pillow!”


The 3km long trail leads from the top station Leiterli to the middle station Stoss. There are plenty of interactive tasks waiting for the kids. They can discover a walk-in Murmeli burrow,

test their skillfulness on the wobbly bridge,

observe hidden animals using binoculars (of course only their mock-ups),

find out what marmots like to eat,

have fun on the zip line,

listen to the sounds of forest animals,

or they can recognize animal footprints.

You should count on 1 hour and 30 minutes for the Murmelitrail so that the kids have enough time to play. The trail is also suitable for all-terrain strollers (the road is not asphalted!).

My tip # 1 – Alpenblumenweg loop trail

If it really happens that the kids don’t want to move from the playground, you can have them play (of course if you get someone to supervise) and go on a short tour of the Alpenblumenweg.

As the name suggests, the nature trail is dedicated to the Alpine flora. I’m not a botanist, so labels with names helped me get to know the plants (many of which are protected).

My tip # 2 – Lenkerseeli

Although there are two fire pits along the Murmeli Trail (by the “Dufti-Seeli” and then in the woods by the labyrinth, a little before Stoss station), we decided to have a picnic at Lenkerseeli. This small lake with the children’s playground in its close vicinity is only a 10-minute walk from the Betelberg valley station.

In addition to slides, swings, a water playground, a maze of bushes, a kiosk there is a small steam railway. For 2 francs per person, the train will take you twice around the playground.

My tip # 3 – Simmenfälle waterfalls

We discovered the Lenkerseeli lake last year when we went to the Simmenfälle waterfalls and from there to the springs of the Simme River. This hike may be a little bit more challenging (as if going uphill), but it’s definitely worth it.

And what about you? Do you have another tip for you to visit in Lenk and its surroundings? Share it with others!

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