Luderhof: Christmas tree shopping

Experience Christmas tree shopping. So could be described our afternoon at the Luder family farm in Bütikofen. People all around were always talking about it as a great place where tho chose and buy their Christmas trees during the traditional Christmas market until we have decided to try out this year, too. And did we liked it here?

Whether here in Switzerland or in the Czech Republic, buying a Christmas tree has always been a fairly simple process: going to the nearest place where the trees are being sold, choosing the tree that doesn´t look like a broom, paying and heading back home. Any delays, mission completed.
Here grow your Christmas trees

But on a farm in Bütikofen, it´s different – as if time slowed down here. You can browse through the rows with many different kinds of freshly cut conifers and choose from the smallest to the three-meter giants. The price of the tree varies according to the type, and of course, depending on the size. Attentive staff will help you select your tree, and trim its trunk.
For every purchase of the tree, you will get a voucher for a grilled sausage in a local buffet. Not for any floury sausage, but the product of proper beef (after all, we are on a farmhouse, right?). When you comfortably sit at the table among the other visitors, you are tempted to order mulled wine or some other goodies on the menu. And you can happily watch going on around you and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of neighbors´ chatting and pre-Christmas meeting with friends.
Once you don´t want to sit for food and drink, you can take just a few steps to go upstairs and find yourself at the indoor market, where home-made products are being sold: beads, candles, soaps, toys made of wood. spice mixtures, knitted goods, but also need local brandy and honey from a local beekeeper.
The entire event runs here from Friday to Sunday, with Friday and Saturday can draw out late into the night “at the bar”. I hope that we will someday succeed in giving children the babysitter and try out this part of the Christmas market 🙂
Decorated Christmas tree from Luderhof at my friends´ Sylwia
And where do you buy your Christmas tree? Do you know any place like the Luderhof farm? Let me know in the comments bellow. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas time!
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